English professor Mark Bilbrey tries to promote STD on campus

The English Honor Society, Sigma Tau Delta, has experienced growth and a wave of new energy as the society attempts to move out of its small space and become actively involved on campus. “Our UW-Parkside chapter [Tau Psi] has been present for many years, but its level of activity has waxed and waned at different points,” comments the organizations adviser, Mark Bilbrey. Since the hands of leadership have been changed, the new advisers have started to get the ball rolling with the organization, gaining new members, and have high hopes for the future to come.
“Recently, new officers were voted into student leadership positions, and it’s our hope that they will keep the momentum going and shape the organization to suit their needs,” said Mark Bilbrey on the changes that have occurred since he, Suzanne Swiderski, and Bruce Stone became the new advisers-though Stone has since left for UCLA.

The officers that had been voted on were Christy McCarter, president;  Jon Barajas, vice-president;  Jessica Dickman, secretary; Jessina Pipes, treasury;  Carl Rollmann, public relations; and Dan Morbach, historian. 
The requirement to join the organization is to have a 3.0 in all English classes, have completed three semesters as an undergraduate, and pay a one-time fee of $37. Once someone has been accepted into the organization, it becomes a lifetime membership. Members can sign up and never show up to a meeting, or can become involved and take on leadership roles.
In terms of the goals the group hopes to accomplish in the coming years, Mark Bilbrey said, “I imagine the group as a central hub for our talented English students to organize, work together, practice leadership, and socialize,” as well as interact with campus better. 
The current president for Sigma Tau Delta, Christy McCarter, said, “Our overall main priority is to foster exemplary academic achievement in the major.” When asked about the organizations goals, she said, “As an academic organization, we take our professional and scholarly careers seriously.” The current members peer-review each other’s work, share scholarship information, and give advice.
Christy McCarter further comments, “Also, we want the English major itself to have more of a presence on campus and we plan to work at recognizing exemplary works by students and professors alike. We will have a chapter newsletter, meet one a month, and have a formal induction ceremony at the end of the Spring semester.” Anyone interested in joining can contact McCarter at mccar020@uwp.edu or find them on twitter: SigmaTDTauPsi.

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