Wing Young Huie: Documentary Photography and Community

Nationally renown photographer, Wing Young Huie, recently had his work on display here U.W. Parkside.  The show, Documentary Photography and Community, was shown at the Fine Arts Gallery in the Rita Tallent Picken Regional Center for the Arts and Humanities.  Including works from multiple projects, the show chronicled Huie’s photography of communities and urban neighborhood throughout the United States.  According to Huie in his statement, “I continue to focus on submerged communities that exist on the periphery of cultural radar.  I want to reveal not only what is hidden, but also what is plainly visible and seldom noticed.”

The majority of Huie’s works on display come were shot in his home state of Minnesota.  They include photographs from his most well known Lake Street USA exhibition.  In this project, Huie spent four years photographing various neighborhoods linked by Lake Street.  Then Huie used Lake Street as the gallery to originally display the shots.  In similar manner, there are also photos from Huie’s Frogtown project, in which he spent two years photographing one of the oldest inner city neighborhoods in St. Paul.  Just like Lake Street, he used a vacant lot in Frogtown to display the art, a public gallery that was open 24 hours.

Huie tries to capture the identity of these neighborhoods by showing their cultural, ethnic, and socioeconomic diversity.  According to Huie, “I felt suspended between being a part of something and being an observer.  In my early twenties, when I started thinking seriously about photography, I would drive around the city and watch people do the everyday things that people do, and wonder how I was going to capture it all.”

Huie’s work will continue to be on display at the Fine Arts Gallery through December 17th.   Come on out and see the images of a self-taught photographer who tries to bring the museum to the streets.

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