Annual Drag Show at UW-Parkside

The audience cheered as the host of UW-Parkside’s recent drag show, Sabin, waved one arm from behind the dressing curtain. In a leopard dress and thigh-high black boots, the former Miss Wisconsin Entertainer of the Year entered dancing to the Nicki Minaj song “Super Bass,” signaling the start of the 8th Annual Illusions drag show entitled “Oops, I Went Clubbin’ Again!”
The entertainers (with names such as Candy Master, Eva Angelica, and Beiber Teaser) gave exciting performances throughout the evening. The spectators cheered them on and some audience members rushed forward to offer them tips. The ensembles ranged from a red velvet gown on performer Anastasia to zombie costumes on the back-up dancers for performer Buck Wild, who did a rendition of the Michael Jackson song “Thriller.”

The performances were alternated with bouts of comical banter from Sabin, who was never shy about making attendees the subjects of jokes and welcomed all questions from audience members.
“A couple years ago we started doing interactive shows,” remarked Sabin.
Most people in the audience appeared quite comfortable with this interactive style and the attendees were not shy about the questions they asked either, with one audience member asking, “Do you duct tape?”
“Hell no, Bitch!” was Sabin’s answer.
The show’s attendees were given the opportunity to take photographs with the performers as well. A photographer snapped photos as audience members and performers posed with one another in front of the camera.
The final performance of the evening was given by Sabin himself, as he appeared wearing a form-fitting dress, heels, and sunglasses drenched in a fringe of faux-diamonds, tearing away the skirt of the dress mid-performance to reveal a bodysuit underneath. The crowd, who had been eagerly awaiting this final performance, was enticed into a standing ovation.
This annual drag show is sponsored by Rainbow Alliance at UW-Parkside.

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