Native American Heritage Month


November is Native American Heritage Month and the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs (OMSA) here at UW-Parkside is working hard to represent the Native American culture throughout the month. Various events showcasing aspects of the culture will be held during November.

The kick-off, sponsored by the Chancellor’s Area, OMSA, and Sacred Circle, an American Indian and Indigenous People’s student organization at UW-Parkside, will be held on Monday from 12 p.m. until 1 p.m. at Main Place. The event will feature traditional music and audience interaction, along with drumming and dancing by performer Dona Yahola. Light refreshments will be served, as well as a sampling of a dish called “Three Sisters Soups.”

A speak-out will be held on 16 November. The featured speaker, “Four Bears” author Sammy Rangel, is of Native American and Mexican American descent. He will speak about identity, Native American ethnicity, and his incarceration and realization while incarcerated.

The Native American culture and heritage are often represented unrealistically through the media, such as in the multitude of films that portray Native Americans as innately savage or, conversely, as exaggeratedly naturalistic. The month of November is about showcasing the rich heritage and cultural traditions of the Native American culture often neglected in representations of the group. The events that will be held throughout the month aim to present the Native American culture in a fairer way.

“I want to portray something positive,” says Adela Lozano of OMSA.

The Office of Multicultural Student Affairs showcases a different culture each month. Although the main focus of OMSA is aiding underrepresented students at UW-Parkside, the office is open to and serves all students. OMSA has a mentorship program and takes on student interns as well.

“We are very much like a family here,” remarks Adela.

For further information regarding Native American Heritage Month or the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs contact Adela Lozano at

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