UW-Parkside Alumni Association Fall Plans

As the fall season settles in, a plethora of great events draw closer, many of which the Parkside Alumni Association have involvement in. Whether the focus is sports, food, or anything else the events planned for the next several months will provide many opportunities for fun on and off campus.
In November, the Alumni Association is coordinating a road trip to see the women’s basketball team play against the University of Wisconsin-Madison at the Kohl Center. The tickets are $40 per person and space is limited to the first 40 people to register. The association will sponsor a flower sale in December to compliment the fall commencement and in February the Parkside Employee Alumni Group, a subset of the Parkside Alumni Association, will hold a chili cookoff. Some events are still in the stages of planning, such as one aimed at graduating seniors.

“We are working on something called Senior Send-Off,” says Peppy O’Neill, of UW-Parkside Alumni Relations.The plan is to provide important information to graduating seniors and several educational departments will be represented.

In April, the Alumni Association will sponsor an International Cultural Tasting prior to the showing of the Foreign Film Series film “Kings of Pastry.” Attendees will have the opportunity to sample food and beverages from the film’s country of origin. There is also the possibility of having a speaker who is knowledgeable about that country. The cost is $10 with RSVP by October 9 and $15 for walk-ins.
The Alumni Association has also looked into working to promote the brand of the University, becoming involved in travel programs, and the possibility of holding class reunions. “We’re even talking about doing a study of branding,” says Peppy. These are all long-term goals, of course, and not set in stone.
For further information regarding these events or the Alumni Association contact Peppy O’Neill at 262-595-2233 or oneillp@uwp.edu.

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