Graduate School Fair

This last Wednesday, the Psychology Club hosted a question and answer session for students who sought information about graduate school.  The members of panel answering the questions were Dr. Kara Recker, Dr. Daun Kihslinger, and Dr. Moses Langley.  Though this meeting was for any student looking for help with graduate studies, most of the questions asked were specific with psychology.  These questions varied from how to figure out what master’s and doctorate’s programs to enter, all the way to tips for achieving a high score on the GRE (Graduate Record Examinations).

Each member on the panel took a different route in the way they obtained their degrees and because of that almost every question could be answered with varying viewpoints.  Dr. Recker went to undergraduate school at Arizona State University and went straight into her doctorate studies at the University of Iowa.  There she received her Ph.D. in psychology with a focus on developmental science.   Daun Kihslinger first received her associate’s degree in civil engineering, and then later obtained her bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, all focusing on psychology.  Dr. Langley received all his degrees at Iowa State University.  With the scattered paths each took in their post undergraduate studies, one of them was able to address each question.

When asked what are the two biggest things a student should know while applying for graduate school, Dr. Langley said, “First of all, it never hurts to apply.” The second thing he said was to make to sure to do homework and research on the program being applied for.  Many times the programs are very specific and picking the right one is the first step in success.

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