Science Night

Science Night has returned.  Last Wednesday night was the first Science Night of the fall semester and according to the director, Daphne Pham, it was a success.  Attendance was about the same has last year’s average, but Pham noted there was more high school students in the crowd for this one.

The keynote speaker was Dr. Gary Wood.  Dr. Wood is professor and chair member for the Chemistry Department here at UW-Parkside.  He received his Ph.D. in Bio-Chemistry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and also has received the Stella Gray Teaching Excellence award in 2006.

The topic Dr. Wood spoke about was the evolution of the periodic table and its main contributor Dmitri Mendeleev.  Mendeleev grew up in western Siberia, the son of a schoolmaster, but because of some early tragedies in his life his education was almost cut short.  According to Wood, Mendeleev and his mother traveled thousands of miles to St. Petersburg, where he was finally admitted to the university there.  From there he changed Science, Chemistry, and the world forever by making the first “modern” periodic table, which was published in 1869.  With his table, Mendeleev was able guess physical properties of elements, which weren’t even discovered yet.

Science Night will continue throughout the semester, and the next scheduled one is for 9 November.  The speaker will be Dr. Sylvia Beyer and her lecture will be “Why are Women are Underrepresented in Computer Science?”  These lectures are accompanied by refreshments and are open to the public, so invite friends and family to keep making Science Night a success!

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