Four Days Until Henry V hits the Mainstage!


“Once More Unto the Breach Dear Friends, Once More!” For any English or Theatre Buff alike, this line stands as one of the most popular throughout Shakespearean literature. Fulfilling their mission, UW-Parkside is once again presenting a masterful work of art with the upcoming production of Henry V. This line, accompanied by others including “O for a Muse of Fire” and “A little touch of Harry in the night,” will bring memorable moments to life through a powerful style of work called Suzuki.

Unique to this production is its stylistic backbone. Director Gale-Childs Daly, director of past UW-Parkside productions including Hamlet (2011), The Story of Opal (2008), and Macbeth(2008), decided to insert a particular style within this play called Suzuki. Suzuki, a rare art form, is a type of movement that centers the actor’s body through the use of the feet. The actor is allowed the opportunity to reshape their body in a way that grounds their movement, their pitch of voice, and their acting technique. Through Suzuki, Daly wanted to compliment the powerful nature of this play.

“It is a play very much about war. The actors are portraying soldiers that need to be strong, and have a strong sense of foundation. This is where the grounding of the Suzuki work will benefit the actors, as well as the emotional drive of the play.” says Daly.

Henry V tells the tale of a newly crowned King Henry V and his journey into war at the battlefield of Agincourt. As a young king, Henry accomplishes milestones, and faces trials that deem him a strong leader. The play is filled with romance, action, and comedy. It is an epic tale of epic proportions; one of Shakespeare’s greatest works.

The show opens this Friday. The set is beautiful, and compliments the style of the play very nicely. The actors are gearing up for the upcoming week of dress rehearsals, and are ready to bedazzle audiences with the unique style of Suzuki. Actress Brittany Ardnt talks about the effects of Suzuki work.

“Yeah, I feel much stronger as an actress, vocally and physically, with the Suzuki training. The work itself breathes certain life into the actor that makes you feel stronger!”

Henry V will be shown in the Main Theatre on October 21st, 22nd, 27th, 28th, & 29th, at 7:30 pm, Oct. 21st at 10:00 am, and on Oct. 23rd & 30th at 2:00 pm. For ticket prices and seating, please visit the Communication Arts Box office located at the front entrance to Communication Arts Building. Information can also be retrieved through the UW-Parkside Theatre Website.


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