Fundraising for One of Our Own

Walking through the bridge in Molinaro Hall, tables line the hall advertising a multitude of student organizations. Bake sales, various student sign ups, and fundraisers take place here. This week along with tables for sororities advocating for annual breast cancer awareness and the Zombie challenges, one table stands out on a more singular level. The sorority Gamma Alpha Omega Inc. is fundraising for a student named Kayla Domanico, who was severely injured in a car crash this year.

Kayla was accepted here at UW-Parkside after graduating high school from Saint Catherine’s. On August 18th she was in a severe car accident, where she sustained severe physical injuries and brain trauma that put her in a coma.

According to Gamma Alpha Omega Inc. president Jennifer Busch, “She has been improving in some areas but stuck in others. They are looking into taking her to a new facility to help her advance her recovery. ”

Being a community service based organization, whose philanthropy is youth mentoring for student success, the Gamma Alpha Omega Inc. are happy to be raising funds for Kayla’s recovery efforts. They are selling purple bracelets that say “Hope, Pray, Trust Kayla Domanico” for only $2.00 and tee-shirts for $15.00 that have printed “Hope Pray Trust” on the front, and “Team Kayla” on the back. One hundred percent of the proceeds are going directly to the family.
An online blog posted by her family gives constant updates on her medical progress, along with the personal struggle this family is facing. In the wishes of respecting their privacy, all that can be quoted is that “We all believe in the power of prayer and ask all of you who know Kayla and her family to please pray for them. The positive energy that this creates can only bring good things! Kayla is a very strong and albeit stubborn girl. We believe that this injury will NOT stop Kayla.” They sincerely appreciate all the love and support that family, friends, and the community are offering. The family also has created a facebook page called “Kayla Domanico Supporters” that anyone can join to be kept updated with her progress and other area fundraisers for her recovery.

The Gamma Alpha Omega Inc. will continue their sales and are accepting donations all next week on the bridge from 10 AM until 2 PM. If anyone wishes to contact President Jennifer Busch in regards to purchases outside of hours please contact her at

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