UW-Parkside to Receive Portion of Water Research Grant

At the recent Milwaukee Water Summit, UW-Milwaukee Chancellor Mike Lovell announced a $1,000,000 water research grant from the U.S. Commerce Department’s Economic Development Administration. UW-Parkside has been announced as one of four schools with whom UW-Milwaukee will share this research grant. The grant will also be shared with UW-Whitewater, Marquette University, and the Milwaukee School of Engineering.

The acquisition of this grant follows several other recent grants related to water research in the Milwaukee area. Multiple pieces of federal funding have recently been given to various schools and organizations in the Milwaukee area, all with very similar intentions. The Milwaukee Water Council, in partnership with the Milwaukee Area Technical College, was given a $498,216 grant by the National Science Foundation in support of education and career training in water technology through the H2Options program; the Jobs and Innovation Accelerator Challenge, a grant program of the EDA, recently granted $1,650,000 to UW-Milwaukee and the Milwaukee Area Workforce Investment Board through the Milwaukee Regional Water Accelerator Project.

The recently announced grant that will be shared with UW-Parkside, provided under the EDA’s University Center Program, is intended to fund research in water technology and entrepreneurship, and enable the commercialization of that technology. The grant will contribute to small business development in the water sector as well as the formation of programs that will aid in the development of water technology in an area that has fallen behind in that respect.

With the creation of jobs being a key focus of the grant, the teaching of those directly involved with water technology commercialization is quite important. The shared grant will help to provide services and education to those wishing to work directly with the commercialization of water technology. The grant will therefore benefit UW-Parkside students, as well as students of the other schools involved, wishing to work with the commercialization of products in the water technology sector, as well as those studying or planning for careers in water-related fields.

The overall aim of the University Center Program is “to marshal the resources located within colleges and universities to support regional economic development strategies in regions of chronic and acute economic distress,” according to the EDA’s website, and the administration considers the University Centers to be long-term partners in economic development.

Those with further interest in the grant may visit the Economic Development Administration’s website at http://www.eda.gov.

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