Humans vs. Zombies

From 10 October to 15 October, the Parkside Association of Wargamers will sponsor Humans Vs. Zombies, a week-long game in which players, classified as either humans or zombies, attempt to tag one another. The object of this imaginative game of tag is simple: zombies tag humans, thereby turning those humans into zombies, while the humans attempt to survive until the game’s end.

All players are classified as humans when the game begins, except for a single player that is considered the “Original Zombie.” This player doles out the initial tags and thus begins the struggle between the humans and zombies. When a zombie tags a human, that human has one hour before becoming a zombie. Humans may stun zombies, and a stunned zombie remains that way for fifteen minutes. A bag of marshmallows, a foam ball, or socks are items that have been designated for tagging and stunning.

Missions are also a large part of the game. Throughout the game various missions will be assigned to both human and zombie players, with success for the humans leading to new ways to stun zombies. The humans’ failures, or the zombies’ successes, will result in the zombies gaining strength.

Each player of the game is required to wear a bandana (provided by PAW) to show whether that person is a human or a zombie. The humans wear their bandanas around the arm, whereas the zombies wear them around the head. A human is required to begin wearing the bandana around the head, however, if they are tagged and thus turned into a zombie. Each human player carries with them an index card that displays that person’s name and identification number, which must be given to the zombie that tags them. When all human players have been turned into zombies, the zombies will claim their victory. If the humans are able to survive until the end of the game, they will come out as the winners.

More than just a simplistic game of tag, Humans Vs. Zombies adds the exciting and fun element of human survival in an imagined world of impending zombie domination, much like the outline of a post-apocalypse movie. The promotional fliers for the game do, after all, describe it as “a week long game of tag and survival of apocalyptic proportion.”

Students wishing to participate in the game may sign up in Molinaro D131. Further information and a complete list of rules are available on the dedicated website.

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