A New Outlook for The Ranger News

After two long years, The Ranger News staff is proud to announce two very big changes coming with the new academic year. Not only has The Ranger News changed homes online, but it will be issuing printed editions once again as well.

The Ranger News firmly believes in serving Parkside with up-to-date news, while maintaining its function as a student-run paper. The owner of the previous website, a former Parkside student, purchased the website back in 2009 and graciously continued to help The Ranger News staff by hosting their website. However, that raised the question of ownership and left the ultimate responsibility and accountability of the site out of the hands of the executive board members, and furthermore, out of the hands of the students.

After much consideration, The Ranger News’ executive board and staff agreed that a new website would maintain and preserve the notion of a student-run paper, and they decided to launch a new website under a new domain name. The previous website, therangernews.com, will no longer host Parkside’s student paper. Instead, readers can visit http://www.trnonline.org to get Parkside student news. The new website offers a fresh layout with a more professional look. With the new layout comes different links and features, further easing navigation around the page. The staff also hopes that the new website will allow media content to be more accessible.

“Primarily, our aim is to gain readership by using as many information outlets as possible. The newly vamped website will put The Ranger News in the best possible position to succeed in that aspect,” said sports reporter Eric Zizich.

Faculty members and students who fondly remember the days when The Ranger News used to print copies of the paper are in luck. Beginning in September, The Ranger News will be issuing bi-monthly printed editions of the newspaper once again. The news has thrilled many faculty members and students alike, as many have stated that they would prefer to have a hard copy of the newspaper. Many of the faculty members also indicated that they stopped reading The Ranger News once it moved online to its previous domain.

“I am excited for The Ranger News,” said The Ranger News advisor and Interim Director Stephanie Sirovatka-Marshall. “I think that the new website will satisfy readers who prefer using the internet, and the readers who prefer having a tangible copy will be happy that The Ranger News is going back to print,”

“I have heard of The Ranger News, but I never read it. I will definitely read it once it goes into print,” said student Amanda Kreuser.

The aforementioned changes are the direct result of The Ranger News’ responsiveness to the student body. With this year’s additions of a suggestion board, a larger staff, a Facebook fan page and the input of Communications students, the staff was able to connect with its readers in a new way and consider their opinions.

“The new website is something that we can fully control. It increases our potential. Print is something that the students wanted, and we have worked hard to get it back. We are very proud to have it back,” said Mark Fleming.

Sophomore Mark Fleming served as Editor-in-Chief for the 2010-2011 academic year. In the last year, Fleming has dedicated a great deal of time and effort to the organization, as he has been the driving force behind all of the changes. After elections this past week, sophomore Emily Harring has been appointed as editor-in-chief for the upcoming year. Harring is in an exciting position, as she will be leading the organization with all of the new additions.

“I started working on The Ranger News when it was online, so this is my first experience in a newspaper that prints. I am really excited to see the printing process. I think that the students wanted it to go back to print, so it will be exciting to see the student’s response to the paper,” said Harring.

With a new editor, an updated website, and the addition of print, it is certain that The Ranger News has an optimistic outlook for the upcoming year. With all of the changes, The Ranger News hopes to continue providing Parkside with the news, while keeping student response on the forefront. From the commuters who are curious about campus and residence hall happenings, to the avid poli-sci follower looking for the latest in PSG news, to the athletes looking for the pictures and wrap up of their previous game, to the film junkies waiting on Trevor Henkel’s review, to those who want a review of the theater department’s latest show, we’ve got issues 24/7, and we look forward to continuing to serve you in the upcoming year.

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