Youtuber David Choi Comes to Parkside

Last Monday night, popular Youtube musician David Choi came to perform at Parkside, his trip here sponsored by PAO (Parkside Asian Organization). A loyal following of Choi’s fans from all across Wisconsin gathered in the Den, making the night one of the most popular musical events this semester. Before Choi took the stage, a group of local artists performed to warm up the crowd; many of the local artists were singers, but one dance group executed a routine that got the crowd moving. After the local artists section of the night was completed, the man of the hour stepped on stage, causing the crowd who had been anxiously awaiting his performance to burst into a cheer that was loud enough to cover up the sounds of the unfortunate vaccuming upstairs.

Choi got his start on Youtube in 2006, when he released a song that was featured on the home page of Youtube after two weeks and gained a plentiful half a million views. His career has grown from there. On Youtube, he records both original and cover songs for his audience, as well as duets with other Youtube artists such as Kina Grannis. He has recorded two CD’s, both of which can be purchased either on his website or on iTunes, titled Only You and By My Side. Choi also has many upcoming shows; the dates on those can also be found on his website.

Choi performed the song that started his popularity on Youtube titled “Youtube (A Love Song).” Choi’s set of songs were touching, meaningful, and spoke of issues everyone can relate to. “I like writing about whatever I want to. A lot [of the songs are] about life.” Choi has influences from pop, folk, and jazz genres, which is evident in his music.

After the show, Choi took the time to have a meet and greet with each of the fans; it was clear that he really enjoyed meeting everyone who came to see him. I had the chance of sitting down and conducting an interview with Choi after all the fans had left. Choi was as down-to-earth in person as his music was that he had performed. When asked how long he had been singing, Choi replied, “I just remember singing all the time.” Growing up in a musically inclined family, Choi plays the guitar, piano, and the violin. When asked what music means to him, Choi had this to say: “Music is something I love and hate…it’s a way of expressing myself [and] tell[ing] a story [to the listeners.]” At times, Choi admitted, finishing a song is one of the hardest things about song-writing. But, sometimes, “songs just come out; [I] just feel inspir[ed].”

All in all, the night was a success for both PAO and Choi, who performed his music well and touched many of those in the crowd.

To purchase the CD’s mentioned above, check out tour dates, or learn more about the singer, head to Choi’s website at

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