There are whispers of a Celebrity visit to UW-Parkside!

Is it true that Actor Mark Ruffalo is planning a visit to the UW-Parkside Campus?

As it is not yet confirmed, actor Mark Ruffalo is planning a visit to the UW-Parkside campus. A few weeks ago, Theatre Arts Professor and Department Chair Lisa Kornetsky revealed a bit of uplifting and surprising news. She was excited to announce the possibility of arranging a Q&A session with Ruffalo. “Ruffalo’s purpose of visitation is to support a fundraiser for the LGBTQ students of Racine and Kenosha. As he would be here on campus, it would be an excellent opportunity to ask for a little of his time to talk with the Theatre students of the university. I was able to get word of this possibility through a stream of contact that happened to flow in my direction. It would be an honor to welcome Ruffalo to our campus, and would most definitely excite the student body!”

Ruffalo is a Kenosha native, hence his interest in returning home to help support a local fundraiser. He has worked as a screenwriter, director, and actor. His film credits include Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, 13 Going on 30, All the King’s Men, The Kids Are Alright, and his most recent project Margaret. Ruffalo is also currently working on The Avengers, in his role as Bruce Banner, the emotionally reserved scientist who has an intolerable fear of letting his temper get the best of him. “You’re making me angry… you won’t like me when I’m angry…” is his famous comic-book one-liner as he transforms into the enraged green machine: The Incredible Hulk.

Several Parkside Theatre students caught word of Ruffalo’s potential visit, and immediately became sensationally ecstatic. Student Allison Hipple comments on the event: “If Mark Ruffalo were to come to campus, I would follow him around all day, no joke. It seems a little creepy, but I love him that much. It would be such an amazing opportunity just to be in his presence. Wow…” Another student, Maddie Wakely adds to the excitement: “Wait do you mean Mark Ruffalo? The actual Mark Ruffalo? Here? At Parkside? I don’t know if I understand you correctly… it can’t be real!” As Lisa Kornetsky announced the possibility of Ruffalo’s visit in her Theatre History and Literature class, the entire class erupted with joy, confusion, and pure amazement.

The Theatre Arts Department is currently striving to arrange this visitation. Dates are unclear as of recent. The opportunity holds amazing value, both for theatre students interested in film, and for the Ruffalo fans.

Aside from the pure excitement of hosting Ruffalo, Parkside would benefit from Ruffalo’s presence. The popularity of the university could potentially increase, especially in comparison to the other UW campuses. Keep those eyes and ears open for more information on this event. Parkside may have its first opportunity to roll out the red carpet for a big time celebrity!

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