Press Release – PSG Election Results

After two full days of students lining up at the polls, new Parkside Student Government (PSG) officers have been elected for 2011-12. On Apr. 5 and 6, students were engulfed with posters, flyers, booths, and verbal campaigning by hopeful candidates who now have access to the results.

By a wide margin, Justin Irwin and Nelson Senda Jr. won President and VP respectively. They racked up 286 of the 652 total votes, good for 46 percent. Candidates Adam Spivey and Jeffrey House came up short as the runner-up with 194 votes, and current President Dana Calamia and Jisha Jose tallied 148.

20 senators were elected for next year to make legislative decisions and represent the student’s best interest. The names and number of votes for each senator include: Amanda Barber, 253; Eric Zizich, 237; Linda Vang, 233; Javier Luna, 225; Nicholas Walls, 214; Byron Dowse, 201; Marcus Bouterse, 195; Dany Fitzgerald, 187; Munjed Hamdan, 182; Pryscilla Balladares, 181; Courtney Cornell, 179; Kyle Koenen, 170; Lauren Axelson, 166; Juan Barreto, 166; Patti Jensen, 163; Jordan Theiler, 162; Marilyn Vasquez, 155; Mary Kotleski, 153; Tom Magwitz, 147; and Brian Hill, 144.

No senate write-ins made the top 20, but Kiah Simon came up with 63 votes followed by: John Kleinmeyer, 61; Cory Bullocks, 23; and Zach Harris, 19.

SUFAC-at-Large featured two write-in slots, and the elected students pulled away convincingly. Dustin Kollman and Danielle Dietz received 71 and 69 votes respectively. Kevin Croswhite was the runner-up with 15 votes, while Kristin Hoskins came up with 12.

For Student Life Committee (SLC) write-in slots, Linda Vang led the way with five votes. There were three candidates who tied with three votes: Amanda Barber, Dana Calamia, Patti Jensen, Tom Magwitz, and Zach Harris.

For other items on the ballot, the referendum for renovating the weight room passed by a landslide. With 447 yes votes out of 649, the weight room is expected to be completed in Spring of 2012. The referendum for the constitution also passed with 356 students that approved.

For more coverage on the election, PSG beat writer Emily Harring has all of the coverage on

PSG encourages students to make their voice heard on any issue by contacting a student senator at Parkside, or participating in weekly senate meetings in the Student Center Ball Room, Wednesdays, at 5 PM.

It’s not too late in the year to get involved, so stop by the PSG office to find out about opportunities that are available.

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