PSG Elections Tuesday and Wednesday: Cast Your Vote!

Every year marks new opportunities at UW-Parkside for progress to be made. Tuesday and Wednesday, Apr. 5 and 6, is the student’s chance to vote for 2011-12 Parkside Student Government (PSG) officers.

The annual elections consist of candidates for President, Vice President, Student Senate, and SUFAC-at-Large. 20 different senators will be elected.

Every student is encouraged to cast their vote by filling out a ballot at the election area located on the Molinaro concourse.

In addition to PSG officers, students can vote on the PSG constitutional amendment as well as the much anticipated weight room renovation.

Presidential candidates include Dana Calamia, Justin Irwin, and Adam Spivey. This year’s VP candidates are Jisha Jose, Nelson Senda Jr., and Jeffrey House.

To know more about the candidates, check out

It’s strongly encouraged that students be involved in the democratic process on Tuesday and Wednesday. For more information, check out PSG’s weekly senate meeting every Wednesday at 5 PM in the Ball Room.

Come out and vote!

Article by Eric Zizich

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