PSG Presidential/VP Debates Today!

After several weeks of campaigning, Parkside Student Government (PSG) officer candidates for next year will be expected to articulate their game plan today to the student body in Ballroom B. This will be the second-annual PSG Presidential Debate.

At 3:30 PM, the vice presidential candidates will get the opportunity to debate, while Presidents present their case at 5 PM. The topics involve hot-button issues surrounding the University that candidates will potentially have to deal with when their term starts in Fall 2011. Students can, as well, bring any questions along they would like to ask the candidates.

Presidential candidates include Dana Calamia, Justin Irwin, and Adam Spivey. This year’s VP candidates are Jisha Jose, Nelson Senda Jr., and Jeffrey House.

To know more about the candidates, check out

It’s highly encouraged that students take part in this event, as well as elections coming up on Apr. 5 and 6. For more information, check out PSG’s weekly senate meeting every Wednesday at 5 PM in the Ball Room.

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