A Modern Day Beauty & The Beast

Beastly, a novel by Alex Flinn is now a full-length feature film that was released this weekend. The novel/film is a modern day version on the classic story of Beauty & The Beast.

The film revolves around a teenage guy named Kyle Kingston (played by Alex Pettyfer) who is obsessed with the way he looks and was taught by his father that beautiful people always get what they want. He becomes transformed into an ugly person by a classmate of his, Kendra (played by Mary-Kate Olsen), who he finds out is actually a witch. She tells him he has until next spring to find a girl to tell him she loves him and the spell will break.

While the plot of the film stays true to what it was in the novel, a somewhat big change was made dealing with Kyle’s transformation. Instead of getting transformed into an actual beast (like in the original story of Beauty & the Beast), he is turned into a deformed human with weird tattoos and gashes in his skin. I like that they did this because for one thing, it makes it more original, but also, it is given a more human feel to it since he is just an ugly human. This keeps it from being just another supernatural romance film, even though it still is one in a way.

The film generally centers in the apartment Kyle received from his father after he became ugly and in the apartment, there are four people living in there, so this film focuses more on fewer characters. All four of these characters stay in the apartment together and you learn about a little bit of darkness within each of them.

Pilot, Will’s Seeing Eye Dog in the novel, does not appear in the film. I feel that Pilot should have appeared in the film due to the importance he played in the novel. In the novel, Pilot feels uncomfortable around Kyle due to his personality, but throughout the novel, as Kyle’s outlook on life changes, Pilot starts feeling more comfortable around Kyle. In the film, you really do not see a change in Kyle’s personality; it is merely implied throughout the film.

The film is good if you want to see a nice romance with a different twist in the plot. Neil Patrick Harris brings plenty of comedy to the film. If you are a fan of Beauty & the Beast, you will enjoy this modern day take on it.

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