A Film for Kids That’s not for Kids

Take a bunch of random animals, throw them into a computer animated western world, and what do you have? You have the masterpiece of a film that is Rango.

Rango stars Johnny Depp as an unnamed pet chameleon who later takes on the name Rango after he winds up in a town called Dirt in the middle of a desert in Nevada and pretends to be a tough drifter who just wandered in. He finds out from a female lizard named Beans (played by Isla Fisher) that the town is running dangerously low on water, and after he proves his toughness, he is named sheriff and vows to find the mystery of the low water supply.

While the film has a PG rating and is directed towards kids, it really is not a kid’s film at all. The film has a lot of violence and while the violence is bloodless, it still deals with guns and a few characters are killed and threatened with murder. There are also scenes involving smoking and drinking and numerous sexual jokes that younger children would not get the humor in. It also deals with more mature elements, like poverty, as proven with the town’s crisis with water.

The animation impressed me more than anything. I noticed at times while watching the film that I was more mesmerized by the animation than what was actually going on in the film because it looked so realistic. The water, for example looked like actual water. Also, I noticed that although the film was not in 3D, there were certain times during the film where it looked like it was in 3D, even though you are not wearing 3D glasses during the film.

Animation aside, the film has great action sequences involving chase scenes, stand offs, and stylized fighting fans of action films will love. Along with the action, the dialogue and references to classic western films blend perfectly with the plot of the film such as stand offs and duels. In one scene later on in the film, they add a computerized version of a character Clint Eastwood is known for: The Man With No Name. The film also includes famous instrumental numbers such as “Flight of The Valkyries” that just make the scenes they are played in much more enjoyable.

Rango is a must see film for anybody who either loves Johnny Depp, or just loves a good film with plenty of action and humor.

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