Senate Minutes 3/30/11

5:02 pm Called to order

Javier Luna
Bradford Ermel
Ben Holmes

20 on floor

Motion to approve the agenda: unanimous consent, approved

Motion to table the minutes from 3/23: Catherine Lambrechts
Objection: Amanda Barber ; cannot table, you can only amend until body is satisfied

Motion to amend minutes to reflect that Lambrechts made a motion to table bylaws changes and seconded
Barber objects; Lambrechts made the motion after it was passed and body had moved on to another topic

Motion to approve minutes from 3/28: approved by unanimous consent

Listening of the minutes from 3/23 tabled until end of meeting

Bylaws – reviewing old documents, digging into elections bylaws, Kotleski was working on better bylaws for resignation
AAPC – no quorum today, has attempted to contact CJ chair but no response

Motion to seat Javier Luna: PIC / Garfield Davis

Table Dana’s report

Legislation – Weight Room Referendum resolution
Parliamentarian has concern regarding the funding (may conflict with prior resolution)
Parliamentarian rules that with the conflicting SUFAC funding this legislation cannot be voted on

Motion to seat Bradford Ermel: Michael Pincikowski / Marcus Bouterse

The main part of the legislation is to clarify that it WILL be a referendum, but not to be voted on again within the next year.
Parliamentarian is curious about bringing the same issue back to senate again and again.

Motion to approve: Jeffrey House / Michael Pincikowski
Motion passes

Dana’s Report:
Elections 4/18 for SOC
Met with Debbie and Dr. Steve regarding seg fee waivers; is there a way to evaluate how they are handed out?
3 people for task force regarding club sports being housed under athletics or intramurals
Budget approved without weight room, everything else approved
Send preliminary budget to System, may need an extension for weight room
Wisconsin Idea Partnership – cap on tuition, but UWP can still ask System for extra increases
4/11 – Joint Finance Committee in West Allis at State Fair Park

revisit tabled minutes
Motion to approve the minutes from 3/23: Amanda Barber / Garfield Davis
Marcus Bouterse wants to know what’s the harm in waiting?
Barber clarifies; motion is made at 6:03
Catherine’s motion in those minutes was not recognized, thus not in minutes
Catherine wants Parliamentarian to review

Call to question: Kevin Croswhite / Cory Bullocks
Vote: not passed

Davis yields time to Parliamentarian
Minutes are supposed to reflect actions at meeting; so if it was a non-action motion it doesn’t need to be recorded (recognized or not)

Call to question: Amanda Barber / Garfield Davis

Vote to approve minutes: passes

Exec announcements:
call to question isn’t necessarily needed; about half a minute of silence is equivalent
bylaws are pretty!
cases on agenda
Debates tomorrow!

Senate: Cory – fundraiser for BSU president who is seriously ill (trying to start Monday to the 23rd)
Senate: Danny – The Beat is sponsoring music theatre review; proceeds go to music scholarhsips
Senate: Worldfest Dinner is Fri, tickets almost gone

Adjourned at 5:34 pm

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