Eric Zizich for Senator

The following is an e-mail interview conducted with Eric Zizich about his campaign for Senator in the 2011-2012 PSG elections. Elections will be held on the 5th and 6th of April.

Harring: Please state your name and year in school.

Zizich: Eric Zizich [and I’m a] sophomore.

Harring: Is this your first time running for Senator? If so, what caused you to run? If you are running for re-election, how long have you been involved in the Senate and why are you running again?

Zizich: This would be my second year serving as a PSG officer. Currently, I’m Public Relations Director of PSG, which is there to maintain a positive relationship with students, organizations, and faculty. I’m hoping to continue my involvement next year in order to serve Parkside students in a different capacity.

Harring: What are you hoping to bring to the Senate? What qualities do you feel you possess that make you a good candidate?

Zizich: Serving in several leadership roles on campus, I have two full years of experience in both student government and other organizations at Parkside. My perspective of campus issues is not one-sided, rather, it’s influenced by the diverse groups of people and environments that I expose myself to on an every [day] basis. While interacting with students on campus, I’ve come to find a bevy of needs and wants that will take Parkside in the next direction of becoming a more effective University.

Harring: What issues are you hoping to look to resolve or bring to the table as a Senator?

Zizich: In the 2011-12 school year, I’m willing to dive into any issue that students want resolved. Specifically, athletics is a multi-faceted topic that always has concerns on a yearly basis. The knowledge I have in that area may certainly be valuable to the senate. In addition, general issues such as cafeteria and library hours affect [everyone], and I’m looking forward to voicing the student’s needs in those concerns and others.

Harring: What do you feel is the most important aspect of being a senator?

Zizich: Availability and willingness to spend time communicating with students is extremely necessary to being a senator. Not only that, but a senator must also be intentional about digging deep into student’s needs. Asking good questions and being a great listener are essential skills that I hope to bring to the table.

Harring: What do you think might be the most challenging aspect of being a Senator? How do you plan on overcoming this challenge? If you don’t forsee any challenges, explain why.

Zizich: Since student needs are constantly changing, issues might present themselves within hours that must be dealt with. Occasionally there will be emergency senate meetings in order to handle those concerns. As a senator, it’s essential that I be flexible with my time and available to deal with those issues when they come up abruptly. Student senate will be a high priority to me, and I would be willing to adjust my schedule in order to meet the needs of the students.

Harring: How will you be campaigning for this election? The voting rate is pretty low amongst Parkside students, is there anything you think can be done to get more students to vote?

Zizich: Campus media is an excellent way to promote candidates. Through Parkside newspaper and radio, I hope to bring my candidacy to student’s attention. More importantly, however, I want to see this year break an all-time record for election votes overall. While I care about my ability to effect students in the position of senator, campus involvement from other students is ultimately the point to representing their needs. Something as simple as a vote for a candidate goes a long way. Banners and promotional items are important, but I see taking time to listen and encourage student’s involvement through the voting process as more effective ways of reaching out to the campus.

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