Senate Minutes 3/23/11

Called to order at 5:01pm

Mary Kotleski

22 on floor

Motion to approve agenda: Amanda Barber
Seconded Marcus Bouterse

Motion to approve minutes: Ben Holmes
Seconded Kevin Croswhite

VP Report:
Student Activities Handbook in review
Faculty Senate — foreign language requirement first 60 credits, no enforcement
60 credits is struck from guidebooks

Motion to seat Mary Kotleski: Garfield Davis
Seconded by Kevin Croswhite
Seated, 23 on floor

Chancellor’s report:
Budget Repair Bill passed, judge put a stay on it until appeals are completed
budget committee meetings upcoming (perhaps at UWP?)
Wisconsin Idea Partnership, UW System and Chancellors
Flexibilities to all campuses, Madison stays in system, Madison did not endorse
Potential budget forums at night on campus

Bylaws committee report:
Act on the agenda

Parliamentarian report:
SUFAC –Chair cannot be President
SUFAC cannot hold meetings/conduct business until a new director is appointed, which is done by the President

Motion to table appointments and Dana’s report: Ben Holmes
Seconded Cory Bullocks

Weight Room renovation
Approve 1.5 million
referendum on ballot for April 5&6

Motion to approve: Adam Spivey
Seconded Garfield Davis
Vote: passes

Motion to return to Dana’s presentations: Ben Holmes
Seconded Marcus Bouterse

Dana’s report:
Meeting with Catherine and Scott Meinke; originally a 10-year bond, but found plans to borrow internally instead
Chancellor Ford, Peggy James, Academic and Classified Staff committee since Budget Repair Bill has come out > News > State Budget Information Updates
2011-2013 fact sheet
Wisconsin Idea Partnership
United Council conventions coming up!

SUFAC director appointment: Christina Bieser
Graduates next year with a Spanish Major
has served on Senate, SOC/ B&RC
possibly interested in position next year (greatly depends on course load)
currently 10 credits

Motion to approve: Amanda Barber
Second Jeff House
unanimous approval

Budget presentation:
any questions?
gameplan: email from Christina regarding meeting times to finish up budget items

Legislation: Act to Modify Definitions and Implement Review Procedures of Parliamentarian Rulings (Bylaws Committee)
Senate can overturn parliamentarian rulings via 2/3rds vote
ad hoc committee to review the ruling

Motion to approve: Mary Kotleski
Seconded Jeff House
proxies will not have voting or speaking rights

Motion to amend: Bradford Ermel
add voting before “integer”
Seconded by Michael Pincikowski
vote: passes

Motion to amend: Dany Fitzgerald
add “more than once” in regards to violating constitution
Second: Mary Kotleski

Motion to amend: Jisha Jose
strike everything after “Senate or its committees”, and replace with “maybe subject to an immediate vote to censure at the discretion of the Pro Temp”
Second: Amanda Barber
passes (87%)

Motion to amend: Catherine Lambrechts
Strike section II (A) (v)
Seconded by Jeffrey House

Quorum called; quorum met (18)

Call to question: Amanda Barber

Motion to approve as amended…
passed (9/14)

Creation of ad hoc committee between AAPC and SLC: Free Speech Zone
investigate further, recommendations
student at large
one SLC member
one AAPC member

Motion to create committee: Amanda Barber
Seconded Jeffrey House

Adjourned at 6:12pm

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