Senate Minutes 3/9/11

Called to order 5:09pm

Jason Wolfe
Bradford Ermel (excused)
Cory Bullocks

21 on the floor

Motion to approve agenda: Marcus Bouterse
Seconded by Kevin Croswhite

Motion to approve minutes: Matt Smanski
Seconded by Tom Magwitz

Chancellor’s office report:
Board of Regents meeting tomorrow (3/10), one day meeting
Streaming online
topic: giving authority to UW Madison re: leaving UWS and implications on system
raise tuition up to 5.5%
links on
soliciting ideas from campus on how to address budget

Bylaws committee report:
working on restructuring of bylaws / reformatting bylaws
reviewing SUFAC bylaws
would like input from other senators on the above

AAPC report:
legislation on agenda today
continuing to work on CJ advising
free speech zones

PR Director report:
11a-7p for interviews on WIPZ
give Eric 3 options for times, and he’ll work you into the schedule
free, just needs notice
10-30 minutes, 2 segments
twitter! (PSG 2011)

President report:
veto resolution on weight room
concerned with process used to decide that it was going to happen
feels that SUFAC should have seen it first before coming to Senate instead of the other way around
1.5 million dollars spent without consulting students? Why?
details re: finances has to be set before coming to senate
deadline for policies to be finish
student body is divided and uninformed about weight room issue
put up for referendum — why is this a BAD idea?

not everyone votes, so why does it matter?
why not approach cosigners about referendum earlier?
delaying project again by referendum

Motion to seat Bradford Ermel: Kevin Croswhite
Seconded by Tom Magwitz
Approved, seated
22 on floor

Motion to extend time by 5 minutes: SK
Seconded by Jeffrey House

Motion to overturn veto: Amanda Barber
Seconded by Adam Spivey
Call to question, Garfield Davis

final approval in june @ board of regents
student athletes have been informed to not use the equipment in the weight room as it gives those working out a higher risk of injury
if the weight room is funded 100% via student fees then classes can no longer be held in the room (as they are now)
enrollment has been stagnant for 43 years

Motion to have a roll call vote: Adam Spivey
Seconded by Garfield Davis
Motion is to overturn the President’s veto in regards to the weight room resolution.
Y: 10 N: 8
Veto holds.

Marley resigned as SUFAC director. Friday’s SUFAC meeting will be cancelled, to be continued…

Legislation: Resolution to Reform Information Literacy
just a recommendation, no “law”
if this passes, it is taken as the STANCE of the STUDENTS

Motion to approve: Amanda Barber
Seconded by Val
passed unanimously

No announcements.

Adjourned at 6:04

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