The Show Must Go On: Talent Night Tuesday

Parkside Activity Board member Cedrina Washington held her breath Tuesday evening as the Talent Night Tuesday participation list remained blank. Yet, in what seemed to be the face of adversity, the show went on; despite conflicting schedules with the Tuesday night intramural basketball games, there was quite a large turnout for Talent Night Tuesday as four Parkside students participated in the competition.

The show began with an open mic session, where three poems from Parkside’s Black Student Union were read. Student Jozef Mason also stood up and performed an original rap piece.

Following open mic, the CHAOS Dance team took the stage and performed two dances. The first was an upbeat synchronized piece, and the second featured each of the dancers as they each got a chance to showcase their own choreography and enthuse the crowd. They finished by pulling blushing audience members up onto the stage with them.

The judging portion of the competition soon commenced. The first performer went by the stage name of “Yogi Bear.” Yogi’s original rap earned him 2nd place for the evening.

Contestants Jozef Mason and McKayla Usher both graced the crowd with their soulful voices. Mason won the judges over with his acapella rendition of Beyonce’s “Still in Love,” earning him first place and a spot in the final Talent Night Tuesday show. McKayla also sang acapella, singing “God Bless the Child” and earning 3rd place in the evening’s competition.

Last but certainly not least, Dante Brazziel performed an original poem entitled, “iPhone Love.” Brazziel did not place, but his creativity was acknowledged.

Contestants all put forth a great effort, as the incentive to win is large. First place winners in each Talent Night Tuesday competition are given the opportunity to perform in the final show at the end of the year during the Final Stretch. The winner of the final competition is awarded a $200 paid showcase.

“I’m excited!” said winner Jozef Mason. “I am taking it one step at a time.”

All in all, the night was a success for PAB. The creative talents of Parkside’s students were exemplified through each of the contestants, and the enthusiasm of the crowd contributed to the night’s success.

“Considering it was almost a flop, we had an amazing turnout. I couldn’t be happier,” said Washington.

The next Talent Night Tuesday competition is scheduled for March 22, and it will be held in the Den at 7pm. Students are encouraged to come out to either show their creativity.

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