As Company Lives On, Hamlet begins production!

With the closing of Company, the Theatre Departments steps right into production with William Shakespeare’s Hamlet!

Over the past two weekends, crowds went nuts for the laughs and thrills of Stephen Sondheim’s Company. The cast had a little over four weeks to prepare for this energized musical, which is one week less than the average rehearsal time granted for a production here at Parkside. It was an overall feeling throughout the department that despite the short rehearsal process, the students involved with the production stepped up to their highest potential and abilities to make the show a success. “It was a quick, extravagant process that went too fast!” says actress Alecia Annichino who played the role of April in the production. She continues, “It was a really hard show to close, in that I wish we could’ve had the opportunity to perform it fifty more times! It will forever have an impact on me, as well as on the other students involved!”

As we see the sun set on this amazing production, we see the dawn approaching for another great installment within the Parkside’s 2010-2011 season: William Shakespeare’s Hamlet! Rehearsals for this production began last week Monday during the run of Company. The show’s opening is not until April, but the students involved are hard at work regardless. Exciting still, Hamlet is under the direction of a guest artist here at Parkside! Gale Childs Daly, who has worked in both the classroom and rehearsal hall at Parkside previous years past, is back, and more energized than ever to bring this classical masterpiece to life on stage!

Even though Hamlet has its traditional characteristics as a classical masterpiece, the vision for this rendition of Hamlet is a contemporary one! Firstly, the character of Hamlet is divided into four roles, each representational of his relationships throughout the play. For example, one Hamlet represents that of a lover. Another represents that of a mad man. In addition, the costume concept for this production exhibits a modern flare, using “run-way” style attire to dress both male and female characters!

It is always dreary to see an amazing show close, but a fantastic pleasure to begin work on another! Hamlet will take audiences by surprise, and leave them hungry for more, as Shakespeare intended. Rehearsals for the production will continue now through April 15th! This production will cap an extravagant 2010-2011 season here at Parkside!

Article by Bobby Johnson

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