Senate Minutes 3/2/11

Called to order at 5:01

Brett Mc Neil (Proxy for Adam Spivey–no rights)
Ben Holmes has excused absence
Patti Jensen (Proxy for Garfield Davis — voting/speaking)

23 on Floor, quorum met

Motion to approve agenda by Marcus Bouterse
Seconded by: Kevin Croswhite

Motion to approve minutes by Catherine Lambrechts
Seconded by: Matt Smanski
Approved with one abstention

Student Speaking Time

Worldfest is coming up quickly, sponsored by PIC
March 28-April 1
World Cuisine Dinner on Friday, starts at 6:30
Tickets on sale for dinner; UWP website for ticketing

Reports (VP)
Student Reps this weekend
Joint Governance tomorrow
Met with RHA, re: eviction policy
meet again next week
Student activities handbook during Monday’s meeting

Motion to seat Ourlee Ourun by Patti Jensen
Second: Cory Bullocks

24 on floor

AAPC report: continuing work on items reported on last week

President Report
Faculty Senate meeting next Tuesday
They will be discussing the Foreign Language requirement (first 60 credits)

Be prepared for emergency meetings!

SUFAC presentation
Volunteer program; cut financially
Volunteer center debate focused on cost of keeping center open vs how often it’s utilized

4, 171, 290$ in total allocations
+1.9% increase in funding, but seg fees stable due to excess revenue
480$ / semester / person in seg fee
16 orgs
17 departments
5 SOC orgs
1 new department

Motion to send budget back to SUFAC: Amanda Barber
Seconded by: Patti Jensen
Reconsider University Activities budget (re: leadership position)
Reconsider SOC’s budget (re: bylaws)
Inform SHCC can ask for more $ to have more realistic budget

Vote is to send it back to SUFAC with recommendations

Legislation; Weight Room Renovation Resolution
Senator Amanda Barber

fund weight room renovation out of seg fees
1.5 million $$
Monthly renovation updates given to SUFAC
Senate then receives the updates via SUFAC director

GPR funding is unrealistic

Motion to approve: Bradford Ermel
Seconded by : Kevin Croswhite

Motion to amend…. “Be it further resolved, that the Student Life Committee be charged with formulating and reviewing all policies and procedures for weight room usage.” by Kevin Croswhite
Seconded by: Amanda Barber

Voting on legislation….passes

Adjourned at 5:37pm

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