Parking Wars

It does not come as a surprise that turmoil surrounds the parking crisis at UW-Parkside. The parking lots that surround the campus evoke feelings of anger and frustration from many students and visitors. In addition to the tickets that campus police issue as a result of not having a proper parking pass, students must pay the added fees to partake in the parking. However, this is just a small portion of an overall problem.

Throughout the last four years, parking has seen many changes. One apparent change, especially during this semester, is the number of students that are attending Parkside. Usually, the first few weeks of the semester are quite hectic, but then the students begin to adjust to the parking demands and spots are much easier to find. However, this semester, it is much more difficult to adjust to the parking situation. With the construction in the Comm-Arts section, parking has seen a drastic change regarding the way that it is set up. Maybe once the construction is completed, students will have an opportunity to comfortably park in that particular section. Until then, students need to work together to create an organized, peaceful parking lot.

The busiest parking lot on campus besides Comm-Arts is the Student Center parking lot. On many occasions, students not only grow angry and frustrated from the lack of parking spots, but also very impatient. Whether you wait to take a spot from the student who sits in his or her car for minutes on end, or you refuse to try your luck at the other parking lots, one thing remains apparent: the parking lot in Molinaro can be very unfair. However, there is a third alternative to parking leisure: the SAC parking lot.

The biggest issue that students have with this particular parking lot is the distance between it and the main campus. Several classes take place in the SAC; however, the bulk of the academics take place on the main part of campus. Students are already fighting for the closest spot to the campus; and in order for them to get to class on time most students will have to settle with a parking space that is farther away. If students are looking for the most reliable parking spot, then the best place to park is the SAC, as long as they can stand the extended walk.

To avoid further confusion and frustration students have several options: get to the campus early (early in the morning is the best option); come to school during lunch or dinner (most students are getting out of classes and choose to leave); or choose to park farther away. This last option may be inconvenient, but it is the best place to find an empty parking space. Whichever solution you choose, please note that there is no reason to wage war over parking; rather, each student should decide which solution is best and be content instead of fighting over a parking space.

Story by Eddie Lemay

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