Is Grad School the Right Choice after College?

Many students are considering the possibility of continuing their education after their work as an undergraduate!

In light of the recent political activity within the state, it’s no surprise that graduating seniors are highly considering staying in school for as long as they can. “It would essentially be a nightmare to even attempt to jump into the workforce at this day and age,” says a curious student searching out her options at the recent Grad School Faire last Wednesday. She continues: “Besides, it would be better to achieve as many credentials as possible for other State workforce requirements.” As political reasons stand as legitimate cause for grad school attendance, is it really the right choice after college?

Several students feel they need to gain experience in the workforce in order to hone in on their particular interests and skills so that they may apply these to their graduate work. “I know that Graduate programs can be real tedious if you don’t know exactly what your interests are. I mean, you’re required to focus on one particular skill, but what if you find out that’s not the skill you’re most interested in? It’s a waste of money and time at such an early stage,” says Melissa Kotz, a psychology major at UW-Parkside.

She is exactly right in talking about the demands of Graduate School. The primary reason for Graduate School attendance is to focus on one particular craft, so that you essentially become a Master of that craft, right?
What about the financial requirement of Graduate School? Is that such a hindrance when seeking out a Graduate Education? Do the Benefits outweigh the costs? One student believes the benefits are worth way more than what the cost could ever amount to: “If you hold a Masters Degree in pretty much anything nowadays, it will guarantee you a job. What it comes down to is the discipline and determination to continue your education for however long you need to in order to obtain that degree.”

Does a Graduate Education hold substantial meaning after an undergraduate education? The work ethic involved implies it might, but this question can only be answered from a personal point of view when deciding to attend grad school or not. The primary question to ask oneself is if Grad school is the right choice in this day and age.

Article by Bobby Johnson

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