Senate Minutes 2/23/11

Called to order: 5:04 pm

Adam Spivey

21 on floor

Proxy: Michael Pincikowski for Tom Magwitz

Motion to approve agenda: Ben Holmes
Second by Amanda Barber

Motion to approve minutes: Amanda Barber
Second By Ben Holmes

Student Speaking Time: Amanda Barber
Resolution to fund Weight Room Renovation
Concern: alternative funding?
Resolution will be on agenda next week
Amanda has info re: other GLVC D2 schools’ facilities

Motion to extend speaking time by 5 minutes: Kevin Croswhite
Seconded by: Marcus Bouterse

10 total years of seg fees raised, due to life expectancy of equipment

Open Senate Seat:
Senator Anton House has lost seat
Michael Pincikowski (Amanda Barber)


Motion to proceed with President report: Amanda Barber
Second: Ben Holmes

Motion to table results: Garfield Davis
Second: Ben Holmes

Presidential report:
Faculty Senate meeting
New approved minors: Asian Studies, Legal Studies
Working with UW Waukesha — Bachelor of Applied Arts & Sciences

United Council
Week of Action re: support faculty across UW system
Rally on Friday
Bus @ 7:30am to madison
Rally and march on capitol
Elections for UC are in April!
T-shirts for “I ❤ UW”
Board of Regents meets on Friday at 10am
Discussing split of UW Madison from System

Motion to un-table voting results: Amanda Barber
Second: Ben Holmes

Michael Pincikowski unanimously approved

Motion to seat Adam Spivey and Michael Pincikowski: Jeff House
Second: Jisha Jose

VP report:
Meeting with RHA re: eviction policies
Meeting with Tony re: administrator position
SLC: Jason Wolfe is trying to arrange meeting re: Posting Policy changes
Survey for extend hours for SC will be out soon

Chancellor’s office:
Board of Regents meeting @ Pile Center (Pyle?)
Governor’s message – generally approved by legislature
Significant cuts for ALL stage agencies, including UWS
Not in best interest for a university to split from UWS
If budget bill not approved by Friday, mass layoffs will occur
1500 – 6000 state employees laid off

Bylaws Committee:
SUFAC bylaws for next year

Information Literacy program, bill on agenda next week
Recommendation to administration
Survey on Advising currently out
Policy on CJ advising
Syllabi and course requirements / details on SOLAR

No report

Student Reps resolution

Motion to move soccer presentation ahead of legislation: Garfield Davis
Second: Ben Holmes

Legislation: Student Reps Resolution
Affirms support for Student Reps constitution
To exit UC would require a resolution followed by a referendum the following academic year
A passing vote would show our support for it (not passing would NOT show support)

Motion to approve: Adam Spivey
Objection: Amanda Barber

Motion to approve: Michael Pincikowski
Second: Adam Spivey
Vote: (Ourlee counts as a “Yes” vote, clicker is not functional)
Approved: 14 Y 3N 3AB

SUFAC budget presentation:

Motion to table SUFAC budget presentation: Amanda Barber
Second: Adam Spivey
Amanda would like director present to field questions
Vote: Approved

Senate: Garfield Davis’ wife is pregnant (yay!)

Adjourned at 5:56pm

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