Senate Minutes 2/16/11

Called to order: 5:00pm

Anton House — 4th absence, has lost seat

Quorum met

No office hours from Ourlee (no vote)
No Office hours from LU (voting and speaking)

Motion to approve agenda: Adam Spivey
Seconded by Ben Holmes

Motion to approve minutes from previous meeting: Bradford Ermel
Seconded by: Matt Smanski

Student Speaking Time: Patti Jensen

Senior Diversity Officer search/screen is at tail end of process
over 30 resumes, down to a few to invite to campus

Committee came about as a result of campus climate survey, administration’s response to address issues
Candidates from Norway, California, Missouri, Utah, Massachusetts
Local candidates from Madison, Milwaukee, LaCrosse
Confidence in good candidates

Presidential report skipped for now
VP: SLC – student activities handbook supposed to be passed through committee and forwarded to senate, didn’t happen
Committee will re-review, send to senate for approval

Future meeting with RHA in regards to housing eviction process next Wednesday

Student Reps resolution needs sponsorship
Don’t like it? Talk to Ron, he will sit down with you and work on it

Chief of Staff: Smoking ban survey is complete, should be done soon. Meeting with chancellor soon.

Tom Bottoms; student leadership awards banquet
Committee for awards, volunteers needed

Dr. Steve:
Budget message for next biennium, bold announcements, media leaks re: separating UW Madison from UWS

UWS is asking for flexibility to help manage budget
Focus at UWP is on flexibilities

See Nick for more info on the budget issue / UW Madison split
Finance committee has delayed their decisions, not sure what that means yet

benefits of splitting UW Madison from UWS?
“Badger Plan” want more flexibility in managing their affairs/budgets
we should have same flexibilities, not just madison in regards to capital projects, tuition revenues, etc.

Shout-out to SUFAC committee for hard work on all the budgets

Motion to table Dana’s report: Adam Spivey
Seconded by: Bradford Ermel

Student Reps resolution doesn’t have enough co-sponsors

Student Savings Club resolution
Student Savings Club came to PSG, asked to offer service for free
Pat is director, visit to Chicago for further discussion
Motion to approve: Adam Spivey
Seconded by: Bradford Ermel

Role Call Vote:
Yes: x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
Unanimous approval

SUFAC budget presentation
For a copy of the January hearing minutes, please email Jo Kirst @

For a copy of a table outlining all final allocations, vote tallies, and recommendations, please email Marley Wells at

Will be general meeting for orgs to request a rollover

Motion to table until next meeting: Garfield Davis
Seconded by Adam Spivey
Suggestion to make sure SUFAC director has materials for detail purposes

Motion to un-table president’s report: Bradford Ermel
Seconded by Garfield Davis

UC organized a walk-out of classes at noon for rally / march for tomorrow through all UW Campuses
Faculty organizing as well
UWP involved or no?

UC’s argument: affecting faculty and Research Assistants, ultimately affects us

Senator Barber argues that UC is taking a “radical” stance on this
Senator Holmes agrees with Senator Barber; PSG should NOT take a stance

Senator Carvalho supports Dana sending an informational email, nothing wrong with passing along information

Motion to adjourn: Marcus Bouterse
Seconded by Garfield Davis
Adjourned at 6:00pm

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