In Wisconsin, You Need A Shovel!

After the recent snowfall, Parkside students struggle to find a shovel on campus!

Okay. So, we’re in Wisconsin. As “Wisconsinites,” we have experience in dramatic weather conditions that could strike at any moment. Obviously, all one has to do is look out the window to see what I mean. In which case, wouldn’t one have a shovel in hand to fight the white mess? I mean come on; we do live in Wisconsin where anything can happen. Unfortunately, there are those who believe we live in a summer paradise, as shovels were at a scarce finding during this catastrophic snowfall.

Looking out the window of my campus apartment, it was quite amusing to see students shoveling with campus dining food trays. One student commented: “I couldn’t find a shovel anywhere so I had to improvise.” Quite an effective improvisation. In fact, students across campus began to catch onto that idea, as the sightings of green trays increased. It’s evident that shovels may have been hard to come by because the campus was essentially closed.

In any case, if they matched the number of snowplows with the number of available shovels, then we would essentially be snowed in until next Tuesday! Fortunately, snowplow after snowplow stormed through the white powder hour after hour, which was a huge relief. It was such a comical scene to witness plow after plow scrape up the mess from each student as they dug their cars out from underneath the snow! Thank goodness for the plows during this Winter Apocalypse!

Most students didn’t even know where to go to retrieve a shovel. Student after student commented on the mishap: “We are expected to shovel out our cars, but with what? Our hands? I don’t know where to go to even get a shovel, and I can’t back out my car to go purchase one because it’s blocked in! It would be awesome to be better prepared for these kinds of events in the future!” This student was a bit angry at the lack of shovel availability.

What’s the point here? Well, it’s safe to say that every Wisconsinite should be prepared for the intemperate weather. It can happen anytime, anywhere, any place, so be prepared: BUY A SHOVEL. Mother Nature may have many more tantrums this winter! Have your own shovel to fight the weather because it is obviously prepared to fight us.

Article by Bobby Johnson

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