DJ Jeremy Kolko: Inside the One Man Show

Students who live on campus frequently hear fellow residents complaining about Parkside’s small size and lack of excitement. It seems as though ambition is nonexistent these days. Instead of being proactive and engaging in their campus, students choose to complain.

Cue freshman Jeremy Kolko. While many residents spent last week indoors hiding from the Snowpocolypse, I haphazardly had the pleasure of meeting Jeremy in the midst of dancing colors, strobe effects and a blaring sound system. We were not in a night club; we were in the Pike River suites. Kolko spent the entire first semester investing in lighting and DJ equipment for his business, Kolko Entertainment. The aim is simple; Jeremy Kolko wants to provide Parkside with an affordable, exciting atmosphere.

Students looking to enhance their space for parties, events, or just for fun do not need to look off campus. While most DJs charge hundreds of dollars, Kolko Entertainment offers a local and inexpensive service. For just $10.00 an hour, students can hire Jeremy to provide lighting and DJ services in dorm room settings. For $20.00 an hour, organizations can use his services at their events.

“Kolko Entertainment offers any party lighting effects and a DJ, which are conveniently located on the Parkside campus,” said founder Jeremy Kolko. “It is similar to ordering a pizza, except, you get a DJ,”

While in its first semester in business, Kolko Entertainment set the atmosphere for the Halloween Party and the Drag Show. This semester, Kolko Entertainment has been used in the apartments and in the suites lobby during a snow day. At these events, students enjoyed Kolko’s multitude of colorful flashing lights and his DJ skills. Generally, Kolko’s DJ list consists of hip hop, rap and a little bit of pop, but he is always open for requests.

“I usually play hip hop. But, I will get the occasional ‘Cotton Eyed Joe’ request,” laughs Kolko.
Kolko started this business last semester. Originally, he had purchased a light from Spencer’s; now, he has an entire lighting system. With the recent addition of a fog machine, Kolko feels as though his lighting system is complete. His next purchase will be a speaker upgrade.

“It really doesn’t cost a lot of money. I want people to see what all they can do with so little,”

That very notion has been carried out through Kolko’s business. What started out as one inexpensive Spencer’s trip has evolved into an entire lighting system, DJ system and student run business. All it takes is one person, or in Kolko’s case, one light to inspire something much larger.

“I like knowing that I am adding activity to the campus,” said Kolko. “I love the excitement that others get from participating, and I like seeing their reactions to my lights.”

However, there was a time when not everyone was excited. Initially, Kolko did not have support from everyone around him. Being the founder of his business, he deals with maintenance, marketing and finances in addition to putting on the show. The process has been challenging, but has made Jeremy value self reliance and perseverance.

“If you want to do something, do it, and then ask others. Do not take their opinions fully. If you want to make it happen, you can do it yourself. That’s it. If you fail, try again.”

His determination has paid off; Kolko has now worked school events and he is currently working towards getting a regular radio show on the campus network, WIPZ. As Kolko Entertainment continues to provide quality and affordable DJ and lighting services to Parkside, Jeremy hopes that residents continue to get satisfaction out of his business and his message.

“If you have nothing to do, do something about it,” said Kolko.

If you are interested in using Kolko Entertainment’s services, visit, or call (224) 558-5919

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