Company is Right around the Corner!

Hold the phone! A musical experience of a lifetime is about to land itself on Parkside’s Mainstage!
It’s officially February, which means the rehearsal period for Company is coming to a close. Performance dates, however, are just around the corner! Performers and production team members alike are anxious to showcase the work of Company.

Exciting still, it has only been three weeks since rehearsals began for the production. That means the team of Company has had an unusually short time frame to work on the show! It’s extraordinary what a group of people with a common goal and passion can accomplish in such a short time. Director Jamie Cheatham comments on the short rehearsal period: “In the past, the idea of undergoing a Sondheim piece in such a restricted time frame was challenged throughout the department. I can comfortably say that, as a team, we have created a beautiful, successful piece of art with the time given to us.”

The team’s passion for the project is shining through in the final moments of rehearsal. Throughout the entire rehearsal period, cast members were encouraged to raise the energy of each musical number by projecting musical lyrics, upgrading intentions, and breathing English into the words. At this point in the rehearsal period, just before the final dress rehearsals, the cast members have accomplished such elements, and are continuing to make every delivery stronger than the last.

Company tells the story of a bachelor named Bobby, and his journey to marriage. What’s important to him is reaching the confidence to embrace the institution of marriage, and knowing what life-long path it will send him down. Bobby is company to his friends and they are company to him, despite their constant inquisition of his marital status. The message lends a hand to the significance of company in all of our lives, and how we function in the presence of friends. It’s filled with laughter, shock, and allows for moments of personal reflection. Furthermore, it is a Sondheim piece! In other words, it is musically invigorating, and energetically entertaining!

Everybody involved with the production is sincerely proud to have accomplished the work of Stephen Sondheim, and can’t wait to deliver energetic performances to intrigued audience members. Come be a part of the invigorating experience that will take the nature of musical theatre to a new height and meaning! Company will be performed in a “Studio” on the Mainstage Feb. 18, 19, 24,25,26 at 7:30 pm, Feb 20th at 2:00 pm, and 25th at 10:00 am. Student rush prices may be available on Thursday, Feb. 24th. Please check Parkside Theatre’s website to for more information. Bring your friends; enjoy Company in one another’s company!

Article by Bobby Johnson

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