Ranger News’ Number 1 Fan

The Ranger News has quite a few fans, but one particular fan sticks out above the others. Her name is Lauren Kovac and she is known as our number one fan.

Lauren, a first year freshman, just graduated from St. Catherine’s High School this past spring. While at St. Catherine’s, she was a cheerleader, an Angel Ambassador, Vice President of her school three of the four years she was there, and graduated with high honors. When not in school she was, and still is, working at the Barnes & Noble café in Racine, as well as spending time with her family.

Now at Parkside, Lauren is undecided about her major, but looking towards becoming a middle school teacher, teaching general subjects. One thing she has decided, though: she loves the paper. I got the chance to sit down with Lauren and ask her questions dealing with the paper.

When asking her what she liked about the paper, Lauren responded, “Being a first year freshman, I like to read up on what the school thinks.” Afterwards, she laughed and said the first thing she read was the “Top 20 ways to get expelled,” which really intrigued her about the paper. Lauren went on to say to say that she also liked reading the article about “Remembering Dr. Thomas A. Fournelle,” saying “I got to see a little bit of what this school has been through.”

I then asked her what her favorite article in the paper is so far; she responded the Harry Potter article that I recently wrote was her favorite. I followed up with asking her what article that does not deal with films she enjoyed, in which she said the one about drugs. Lauren said she liked that article because “it’s focused on what students here are vulnerable too and not just something I can read in a regular paper.”

Lauren thinks that even though we are an online paper, people should be more interested in it. She stated that “even if you are a senior that went here, you can then keep up with what’s new and what’s going on with the school because there’s always new stuff happening here.”

Although I was the one who got her interested in the paper, she said that she still would have started reading it. Even if she just saw one of our Zines lying around somewhere, she would have picked it up and started reading it because she enjoys reading.

Laughing, she stated, “Shame on me, but I started reading it in class sometimes when I got really bored, or even if I was on the computer and my A.D.D caught up with me, I would start reading it.” She told her friends about it while reading parts to them and she liked it on Facebook. “It’s not like it’s a boring paper,” Lauren stated afterwards.
Curious, I asked her if there was anything in the paper she would like to see added. She responded, “In essence, I like the paper the way it is, but if I had to see a change in it, it would be students getting involved places and showing opportunities.”

Mark Fleming, our Editor-in-Chief, wondered what she thought about our occasional grammatical errors that appear. Lauren noted that “I haven’t noticed many, if at all. But I think that makes it more personal, like college student, like what do you expect?” She laughed at the latter.

I concluded the interview with asking her if she was interested in working for The Ranger News, would she. “Yeah, I would, I just don’t know what I’d do” she responded. Lauren agreed that it would also be a good way to learn how to write as well.

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