Aliens Are The New Zombies

Imagine you’re sleeping after a long night of partying, and all of a sudden this bright blue light starts shining through your window. The light is mesmerizing and you have no control over the pull it has on you. This light is also like a poison, your blood vessels start burning, but the light is so mesmerizing that you don’t even notice. All of a sudden, you are taken off the ground and into a giant mother ship from another planet. This experience is what happens to all of Los Angeles in the film Skyline.

Skyline centers on a couple, Jarrod (Eric Balfour) and Elaine (Scottie Thompson). They visit Los Angeles because Jarrod’s friend Terry (Donald Faison) is celebrating his birthday. Then the night after the party, aliens from a different planet invade Los Angeles and start stealing people. Throughout the film, Jarrod, Elaine, and their friends fight to survive this alien encounter.

Even though, the idea of an alien invasion has been completed countless times in cinema, this film seemed original. The aliens are biotechnical aliens, half biological half machine, and human brains are like “batteries” for them, so they steal the brains out of the humans and put them in themselves. It is like they are zombies, but just want the brain not all of your flesh. I was pleased to see that they made the weakness of the aliens something realistic, meaning human weaponry was able to kill them.

The acting in the film is what I expected it to be—bad—due to the fact that the film had a bunch of no name actors and actresses in it. You’d think that they would show more emotion since they are getting abducted and killed; they just seemed too calm.

Even though this film had bad acting, it was still decent, until the ending; but I suppose they did so to keep their option open for a possible sequel. If you are a fan of science fiction films, I would recommend it. It is a new twist on a classic idea.

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