Tutoring Options Available on Campus

There are many great resources for students here at Parkside, including both a Tutoring Center and a Writing Center. The Tutoring Center, located in Wyllie D180, is where students can go to work on math or other general subjects, such as: Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Physics, Anatomy, Psychology, Philosophy, Geology, Geography, and more. If there is not a tutor in a certain subject, students can request for staff to try and find a tutor in order to help them. There are no guarantees, but staff members will do their best in order to find someone to help.

The Writing Center, located in Wyllie 107, is where students can go to work on papers, no matter the subject. The Writing Center works with both drop-ins and appointments. Students are only allowed one drop-in per semester, so it is advised that students choose when to use it wisely. Appointments must be made one day in advance and are scheduled in half-hour increments. General Subject tutoring is by appointment only, one day in advance, and appointments last an hour. Students are allowed two sessions per week per subject.

The main difference between the two centers is that math tutoring is drop-in only. There are always math tutors available to help and there are fewer limitations on how much time a student has to work. With this, however, comes the fact that students will have a mixture of one on one time with a tutor and some time to work on their problems alone while the tutor helps other students.

“Students are responsible for their academic success,” Amie Wittemore, the Academic Resource Center Coordinator states. “They have the power to make the most of it by coming prepared and with materials.” Making sure to bring the proper materials is crucial when going to a tutoring appointment. Chad Bay, the lead writing tutor, states, “Students need to remember that it’s their responsibility to bring their work to the center. We can’t make it appear out of thin air.” Another thing he stresses is, “Always make sure the work you bring is the best of your ability. Make sure it’s proof-read.”

Something important for students to remember is that the goal of tutors is not to act as a teacher and do the work for the student, but rather give the student the tools and information they need. Tutors, after all, will not be there when a student has to take a test or apply the knowledge and skills. Their job is to give the students the tools they need to achieve. Writing tutors are not there to edit papers for students, but help them grow as a writer.

The tutoring options available on campus are absolutely free to students. Take advantage of these great resources!

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