Since When Do Actors Have Wings?

Last weekend, cast members of the upcoming production Censored on Final Approach had the opportunity to fly private aircraft!

“Upon take off, I could honestly feel the vibration of the plane itself. Soon after, we were off the ground and I felt the pressure push me back against the incline. I sunk deep into the seat of my plane!” recalls actress Sara Mergner from her flight experience on Saturday. Cast members were invited to fly high in the sky and witness first hand what it felt like for the female pilots, also known as WASPS, of World War 2.

Censored tells the tale of four women air force service pilots during World War 2. Particularly, the play focuses on their experiences at Camp Davis, North Carolina. As many historians can attest to, this was a time of severe female inequality. The fact that these women had the chance to be apart of the war effort as pilots is extremely triumphant, and creates many dramatic situations within the play.

The four females playing the historical composites, Sara Mergner, Eva Balistrieri, Annie Walaszak, and Kara Foster, all had the opportunity to experience the sensation of flight. “It helps in the character development process to know what these women were so passionate about. Each of these women had a distinct reason why they wanted to fly, but I completely understand their passion for the sky after going
up there.” says Annie Walaszek as she recalls her experience in the sky.

Actors met at Kenosha Airport at 8:00 am on Saturday November 6th , and were greeted by aviation pilot Tom Mescher. He later began to take each actor up in the sky for a ride. Actors also had the opportunity to co-pilot the aircraft. “Having the opportunity to embark upon live research is always a fascinating experience for an actor. I’m glad I had the opportunity to climb into the sky!” says actress Kara Foster, who plays Mary, a determined, inspired service pilot.

As rehearsals continue for cast members, they will have the ability to recall upon this flight experience, and enhance they’re interpretation for what it feels like to fly among the birds!

Article by Bobby Johnson

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