Scared of the Dark?

On Wednesday, October 27, Parkside featured a deeply disturbing haunted tunnel under Molinaro. These tunnels were co-sponsored by multiple organizations. Deep down into the subbasement of the school is where your deepest fears would come alive. But do they really? Were these tunnels really scary? I went down with a group of people Wednesday to see.

The tunnel is brimming with gory images just inside of your vision. As soon as you would turn to stare, lowering your defenses, some bloody creature that probably should not exist on this planet would attack you. The tunnel attempts to cater to everyone’s most secret fears. From slasher style dismembering to clowns and creepy synchronized children, the tunnel wants to make you wary to simply look around a corner.

The many phases of the tunnels include an unsuspecting house, an insane doctor’s table, a parade of zombies, a dead nightclub, and the economical troubles of America in a recession.
Of course you know that you’re going down into a haunted tunnel, so you’re going to brace yourself for whatever will come your way. Unfortunately for you, clever reader, the designers know this as well. They make you slightly uncomfortable around something, before causing another thing to react.

For example, at one point you’ll meet a person, I hope, sprawled in a corner as if he were dead. You would then nervously pass by it, expecting it to attack at any moment…and it doesn’t. No, instead you’re blind sided by the monsters that use to hide under your bed, and then the dead guy attacks you. All you can do is walk forward, obeying their requests of, “Come play with us,” push your way through the army of, strangely happy, undead and hope that you won’t have to use a night light when you get home.

Student reception of the tunnels seemed overall positively surprised. It was a short time through the tunnels (just a few minutes, give or take the trembling of your legs) and yet it was very creepy. “Well that was a good five minutes!” One student laughed as he exited into the den.

All in all, the tunnels were a great bit of fun and you even get to donate a canned good or foodstuff before entering. Otherwise it was a dollar to enter. The tunnels were sponsored by PAB, PAO, SIA, BSU, LU, RHA, WIPZ, PSG, PASA, and CHAOS.

Article by Reshad Burchfield

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