Rainbow Alliance and Theatre Meet: A Collaboration is at hand!

Theatre Seniors undergo a capstone project involving Rainbow Alliance.

After meeting with the President of Rainbow Alliance and a few Seniors in Theatre Senior Seminar, I discovered an incredible collaboration that will be occurring upon progression of a student project. As a requirement in the curriculum of Senior Seminar, Senior Theatre students must coordinate, prepare, and present a group project that displays their primary area of expertise, strength, or craft. Seniors Taylor Glowac, Ryan Shaw, Tracy Hoida, and Sara Dill are creating a skit dealing with the real-life struggles of homosexuals, lesbians, and/or bisexuals within the community.

In doing so, these seniors have met with President Kurt Stadler of Rainbow Alliance, as well as the entire Rainbow Alliance organization, to explain their project, and express their interest in a collaboration of sorts. “With a lot of the current news about bullying in our surrounding communities, I hope this project will make people aware of how bad the bullying situation is. I hope this project will make people want to stop bullying their fellow class and school mates. Not doing anything about a bad situation can only cause more problems in the long run. I feel this project will provide that sense of reasoning to surrounding communities.” says President Stadler of Rainbow Alliance.

Senior Tracy Hoida explains the premise of the project. “We want to model a situation of bullying, as it is a very current topic, and display the severity of its actions. We will be performing a skit with real-life situations, and have asked members of Rainbow Alliance to help us out with the involvement of the community and nature of the skit. It will be a much anticipated collaboration.”

For more information on the whereabouts or details of this collaboration, please feel free to contact the LGBTQ Resource Center or Fine arts office.

Article by Bobby Johnson

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