Native American Heritage Month

November 1st will bring about the start to Native American Heritage Month. To start things off, there were be a performer named Antonio Doxtator in Upper Main Place from 12-1. He will be performing traditional Native American dances with Tradition Keepers, a group based out of Milwaukee. There will be light refreshments, including three forms of traditional soups, and it is free to students.

November 10th will bring about the month’s Speak Out (sponsored by OMSA, Sacred Circle, and PAO), featuring Professor Stuart and his wife in the Oak Room from 12-1. The theme of the Speak Out is: Common dreams, common goals. One of the things the professor will be talking about is Act 31 in reference to Hmong and Native American populations.

Stuart is a professor at UW-Lacrosse and teaches Hmong Studies. He is committed to teaching about contemporary and historical issues, cultural stereotypes, soverency, critical/multicultural pedagogy, and indigenous education. More information on him can be found at This will be the first year he has spoken here.

Sacred Circle, Parkside’s very own Native American organization, will also have a Read-In in the library on November 1st at noon. The Read-Ins consist of members reading some of their favorite pieces by Native American authors or poets. The group is committed to “provid[ing] education and cultural awareness about Native American culture,” Adela Lozano of OMSA stated.

It is sure to be a fun time, so if you have the time, stop on by and check out either the Read-In or the Tradition Keepers!

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