Inside The Matt Smanski Show

Perhaps you have seen him hanging out in the Parkside Student Government office, or in the Parkside Campus Crusade office. Perhaps you have seen him running around the school as his alter-ego “Super Matt.” Or maybe you have encountered Senior Matt Smanski by stumbling upon his regular YouTube show entitled, The Matt Smanski Show.

With an enthusiastic host, a catchy theme song and humorous plotlines, The Matt Smanski Show has gained significant popularity with students from UW-Parkside and UW-Oshkosh. Featuring random Parkside guests, haphazard adventures and everything from rap specials to duck tape flip flop infomercials, Matt Smanski has gained quite a following. .

The Ranger News proudly invites you into the creative mind of the show’s star, Mr. Matt Smanksi.

Matt Smanski Show in Collaboration with The Ranger News from Mark Fleming on Vimeo.

Alyssa: How did the show begin?
Matt: One night, we were bored out of our minds. Cam had a Mac. We decided to throw together a show and post it. We got 40 views in that first night.

Alyssa: The shows seem pretty random. You have featured duck tape infomercials to random Parkside guests. Is there a purpose or reason for the show?
Matt: There is no rhyme or reason. We really just like to talk to the audience and act as if we are having a conversation with them. However, we have been known to make dance videos, thanks to Ryan Montross.

Alyssa: So, the aim is for pure entertainment?
Matt: Exactly. The purpose of the show is to bring happiness to the fans.

Alyssa: How long does it take you to shoot each episode, and how frequently do shoot?
Matt: We usually try to shoot two-three at a time. Each episode only takes us about 10 minutes. We are always open to having guests on the show.

Alyssa: In addition to Cameron Olsen and Ryan Montross, you have had quite a few guest appearances on your show. If you could get anyone to make an appearance on the Matt Smanski show, who would it be?
Matt: I would love to get Chancellor Ford on the show.

Alyssa: You and Cameron have a pretty catchy theme song featured at the begging of some of your episodes. How did you come up with that?
Matt: Well, I wrote the theme song out and I was reading off of it, and Cameron just started popping out behind me and singing and it worked out well.

Alyssa: What is your favorite part of the show?
Matt: My favorite part of the show is just being goofy. I get to sing weird songs and go on adventures with my friends. It’s all about having fun and brining smiles to people’s faces.

Alyssa: What kinds of responses have you been receiving from the viewers?
Matt: The fans all love it. Jason Moxley was in tears after watching one of our episodes. I’ve also been recognized by a few people in the cafeteria. When I used to post the videos on my Facebook account, my parents would always tell me that I should be studying, so I stopped posting them directly to my Facebook. I should have just deleted them as friends.

Alyssa: Do you have any goals for the show, or do you hope to see it go somewhere?
Matt: I do not have any particular goals. I just want whatever God wants to happen. But the Ranger News coverage is pretty sweet!

Alyssa: You are a communications major, and you have a pretty popular show. Do you hope to have your own late night talk show someday?
Matt: I haven’t really thought about that, but that sounds pretty cool! I’d like that!

Alyssa: Alright, Smanski. What statement would you like to leave our readers with in regards to “The Matt Smanski Show?”
Matt: “If life has you down, don’t put on a frown. Watch “The Matt Smanski Show,” it will help you glow!”

To view the Matt Smanski Show, you can visit “The Matt Smanski Show” Facebook Page, or go to the YouTube page at

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