The Mystery of Parkside: Part One

Rumors have it that there is a deep mystery somewhere under Parkside. There are plenty of questions about the design of the school and gossip flies around about why. Reasons for the strange things that happen here are simply made up. But I couldn’t just live with made up reasons. I was too curious to find out about the strange past behind the school. To do so, I decided to start under the school.

In the tunnel-like basement under the school, I entered through the doors under Greenquist, not knowing what to expect or what I would find. I was greeted be a long narrow tunnel, which extended to the left and right. I chose to go left and walked through a somewhat confusing series of smaller tunnels until I came to a dead end; nothing interesting down here besides mail rooms and maintenance.

I turned around and went the other way, signs painted on the wall guiding me. The hallway I left was under Molinaro, and the next hallway led farther through Wyllie. I came across many people under here and bright lights for them to do their work in. They smiled, waved, or simply carried on with their business. I was beginning to think that there was nothing about the underside of the school to truly worry about, even though its peculiar design was still mysterious.

It’s too easy to get lost down there, with so many tunnels and the darkness. But it wasn’t too bad of a problem thanks to the signs. I walked into the area under Wyllie and froze. Gone was the chatter and noise of working people and the squeaking of carts carrying important cargo. Now there was nothing but darkness and silence. I walked down the tunnels and noticed just how silent it was. I realized under other areas of the school I could still hear the voices and footsteps of the students above me, but here…emptiness. It was cold too. I zipped up my jacket and put my hood over my head, cutting off my peripheral vision.

There was something wrong with the area under Wyllie, something deathly wrong…After listening to the sound of my own footsteps for comfort I found myself under the Communication Arts building, thanks to the signs. Light and employees, thankfully returned, and I walked bright tunnels again. That, expectedly, led to a dead end. I followed through tunnels again until I found myself exiting just outside the Wyllie Market.

Something’s wrong with the area around Wyllie Hall. I’m not sure what, but the shadows under feel…unearthly. I’m not sure what’s next, but I’m sure it starts somewhere in Wyllie!

Article by Reshad Burchfield

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