Come On and Jump Out of your Shell… Play it Forward!

Parkside theatre students danced, danced, danced in Main place to campaign a senior project to “Play it forward!”

“… Hey pretty baby with the high heels on… just hold me baby and I’m in ecstasy!” As the music filled the gigantic space of Main Place, Parkside theatre students danced their hearts out in front of countless Parkside students. Even though most theatre students would call this event a ‘happening,’ it was actually a classroom experiment to advertise a new campaign to “Play it forward!” It is a project Seniors Chad Bay, Eva Bellisteri, and others created for their Senior Seminar Capstone.

“We wanted to create an experiment to advertise our blog and promote to the students to pay it forward with acts of creativity and fun!” says senior Chad Bay in describing this project. “The title Play it forward is a clever spin on what most would recognize as pay if forward, which means to commit a random act of kindness onto someone else, as someone has previously done to you. We’re using the word Play in place of pay to distinguish our events as having fun, and creating activities with other people in hopes that they will continue to spread the fun onto someone else.” says Bay.

Being a part of this rare opportunity, it was such an extreme pleasure to bring smiles onto the faces of other students. Adrenaline pumping, it seemed significant to reach out to those surrounding students and get them involved in the festivity. Of course, it is prudently understandable that not many students felt the need to get involved. After all, a bunch of crazy, outgoing people just letting loose in the center of a campus on a Wednesday afternoon with blasting music, slick dance moves, and loud voices sounds outspoken and foolish, right? Wrong! As a part of its purpose, Senior Chad Bay and others were trying desperately to get the whole audience dancing!

Stepping out of your shell is one of the most essential processes in developing as a well-rounded person. In the end, this event, or happening, promoted student involvement, and a chance to be oneself; let loose the cannons, and dance all those stressors away! Play it Forward!

For more information on this event, or others to come, please visit their blog at!

Article by Bobby Johnson

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