Wear Purple

This Wednesday, October 20th, people around the country will don purple attire in order to protest against bullying and to show support to the families who have lost loved ones due to bullying. In the month of October alone, there have been six (reported) suicides from young adults due to gay bullying. While suicide because of bullying is not new news, the sheer increase in number this past month has raised alarms with many people. Many celebrities and folks around the nation have posted videos on sites from http://www.youtube.com to http://www.thetrevorproject.org pleading for something to be done about the bullying.

Here at Parkside, we have Rainbow Alliance, a group that hopes to promote awareness of LGBT issues on campus. They meet every Monday at noon in the Walnut Room. They have events planned such as a speaker by the name of Ryan Sallons on November 16th at seven in the Hickory room. Ryan is a female to male transgender who is very open to answering questions about issues on sexuality to anything about transitioning. They will also have the Illusions Drag Show on November 11th at seven in the Den, the price being either five dollars or five perishable food items.

The biggest resource for those who need help here on campus is the LGBTQ Resource Center in Wyllie D171, where Coordinator Ana Guerriero can anyone who needs it. The phone number for the LGBTQ Resource Center is (262) 595-2456 (262) 595-2456 . “From my personal census, the hardest thing is coming out to family,” the president of Rainbow Alliance, Kurt Stradler, stated. “After your parents, your grandparents are the hardest to come out to.” It is a struggle that no one should have to go through alone, so contact the LGBTQ Resource Center if anything arises. No matter how small or insignificant the issue is thought to be, having someone to listen can go a long way. More information on the LGBTQ Resource Center can be found at http://www.uwp.edu.

No one should be ridiculed and harassed because of who they are. So, show your support and wear purple on the 20th.

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