People, People, People… Student Rush @ Parkside!

Parkside theatre introduces new ticket price for one night only!

As UW-Parkside proudly opens Oliver Goldsmith’s She Stoops to Conquer, a new ticket price appears for Thursday, October 21st to attract the attendance of the student body. “We would like to offer special, discounted student rush tickets to any student on campus, or student in general, on Thurs. October 21st so we may attract a greater interest and number of audience members” says department chair Lisa Kornetsky at the All-Company meeting last Wednesday.

Tickets will be sold to any student for $3 at the Communication Arts box office after 4 pm on Thursday, October 21st. All that is required upon purchasing a ticket is a valid student ID. “This will help promote to students what we are about here in the Theatre. It will encourage students living on campus to get engaged in their educational setting, and become aware of art being produced on campus” says Kornetsky as she explains the reasoning behind selling discounted tickets. “It’s a night of laughs that should not be missed.”

The term student rush refers to the availability of tickets on the day of the performance at a cheaper price than usual to students only! This procedure can be found in almost every professional venue, but must be inquired upon for more specific details. In its practice as a professional setting, Parkside is extremely excited to offer this exclusive chance to students who want to see a show at a comfortable and affordable price!

In hopes that many students will take advantage of this exciting offer, the company would like to continue this incentive for students throughout their season. As this is a price not particularly true to student rush prices at other professional theatres, this opportunity is a rare one! All students reading this article: Venture into a night of comedy, magic, and mayhem for a very cheap, affordable cost! The chance is yours to escape reality, and laugh right out of your own skin!
Student rush tickets for She Stoops to Conquer will be available after 4pm on Thursday, October 21st at the Communication Arts box office upon the presentation of a valid student ID!

Article by Bobby Johnson

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