Parkside Wins Thriller 28-24 Against Marquette

On a beautiful Saturday afternoon, the Parkside Rangers (2-2) beat the Marquette Golden Eagles (0-3) club football team 28-24. Parkside had a very successful first half, going up 14-0, with all the momentum on their side—especially after a key fourth down and eleven when Chris Walsh threw a forty-yard touchdown pass to Rodney White. When asked about the play, Walsh said, “I know that he is going to be where I want him to be, and I trust him to go up and catch the ball.”

After giving up no points in the first half, Parkside’s defense was on cloud nine since the last two games they have allowed a combined 118 points. However, Parkside’s fourteen point lead shrank to a one point lead after a Marquette touchdown to make the score 17-16.

The defense, however, became a well-oiled machine—not allowing Marquette to score until late in the fourth quarter. With that, Parkside scored eleven unanswered points that were capped off by Cavin Hobus’s blocked punt, which went out of the end zone, becoming a safety.

The Golden Eagles did not give up, scoring a late touchdown and converting a two point conversion to make the score 28-24. After their touchdown, the Eagles tried to convert an onside kick, which failed, leaving the ball in the Ranger’s hands.

After Parkside ran the ball three times, forcing all of Marquette’s timeouts, it was fourth and five. Parkside went for it, knowing that if they converted the fourth down, the game would be over, but they failed on an incomplete pass from Walsh to White.

Marquette had the ball with 51 seconds left in the game and no timeouts. After an eleven-yard completion on first down, Parkside’s defense played perfect: not allowing Marquette to complete another pass—ending the game.

During the game Parkside ran most offensive plays from a shotgun formation; when Coach Carl Bunch was asked about this he said, “We ran most of our plays from the shotgun; because we wanted to keep the defense out of the quarterback’s face and give him time to throw the ball.” When asked about what needed to be improved upon for next week’s game, he said, “We need our coaching staff to work together and gel as a unit.”

After the game, Parkside received a trophy, which is held between the victorious Wisconsin team. This rivalry is going to become a yearly event, and the trophy will remain up for grabs, but, for the next 12 months, it is in the Rangers hands.

Next week, Parkside will travel to Ohio to play No. 4 Wright State.

Story by Devin Willems

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