UW-Parkside Theatre Goes to Chicago!

Last Wednesday, the Theatre department took their annual trip to Chicago, particularly the Goodman Theatre, to see Candide!

Upon leaving The Goodman Theatre after the production of Mary Zimmerman’s Candide, the raving comments soared high, as everyone’s expectations were surpassed! “What a magnificent musical rendition!… I am so astonished by the spectacle; there were flowers everywhere! They were on the ceiling, the wall, the wings, the floor boards…everywhere! I was caught completely off guard by this magical experience!…How does a completely innocent boy go through all these endeavors, and still possess a spirit of optimism!” All these and more were the comments of the night as the UW-Parkside Theatre department took a Learning on Location (LOL) trip to Chicago to The Goodman Theatre!

Every semester, the theatre department takes two LOL trips to neighboring cities to see professional works of art. Although frequent trips are taken mostly to Milwaukee and Chicago, Theatre Chairwoman Lisa Kornetsky has spoken about taking trips to other cities to experience different venues of interpretation. “It’s just so convenient that we are located right in the middle of two central theatre districts. We will continue to make trips to Milwaukee and Chicago, but future trips will most definitely expand beyond these theatrically diverse areas. ” says Kornetsky as she explains future LOL plans.

Learning on Location allows for the opportunity for students to grow in their particular, as well as overall, craft by observing professional artistry at work. For example, actors get the chance to see artists perform from a professional venue. Technically driven students have the opportunity to analyze design elements. Such available observations include set, light, sound, and costume design. “The experience becomes enriching, and helps benefit the progression of our specific crafts.” says Junior acting student Alecia Annachino.

Furthermore, many students take advantage of all the theatrical aspects of these educational trips. “What is beneficial about seeing a show as an audience member is the opportunity to take in all the elements of the show. Even though acting is my main focus, I learn so much about technical aspects by analyzing the execution of set pieces, and the plot formation of the lighting and sound design. It’s always good to know everything about theatre that you can!” says student Taylor Glowac.

Interestingly so, Candide follows the adventures of an open-minded young man whose love for the Baron’s rosy-cheeked daughter sends him out to make his own fortune. As he and his various companions roam over the world, and outrageous series of disasters befall them; earthquakes, deception, and inquisition take over his world! These along with many more disasters tests the young man’s sense of optimism, and sends Candide on a moral, philosophical journey through the will of human nature.

As is usually the case, students had the chance to roam around the busy streets of Chicago’s theatre district before the show. Fun chats, good eats, and the casual bookstore shopping filled the time before the show. Alecia Annachino comments on this, “It is so fun to roam around new, yet familiar territory, and discover life around the theatre. I always wonder to myself, ‘How do people prepare themselves before going to the theatre? How excited do people get?’ walking around the theatre district in the city helps me imagine these things, and then I get to complete the night with a fantastic piece of art!” With one successful trip complete, another is on the way as the theatre department prepares to travel to Milwaukee on November 3rd to the Milwaukee Repertory Theatre!

Article by Bobby Johnson

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