In Review: Cephalic Carnage’s Misled By Certainty

Album Image/Lyrics courtesy of Relapse Records

Warning: This review contains graphic imagery and obscene content that may not be suitable for
readers under eighteen. Parental discretion is advised, and this article, in no way shape or form,
represents the views or nightmares of the faculty or staff at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside.

During the Parkside radio station, WIPZ’s interview with Cephalic Carnage, Lenzig, the vocalist, was asked what an aspiring musician should do if they hoped to someday reach the skill level of his band. His reply was, “Give up now. You won’t.” Nowhere is this more evident than in their newest release Misled by Certainty, which is out now on Relapse Records.

Song one, “The Incorrigible Flame,” changes the atmosphere of the immediate surroundings to a Sci-fi laden, chaotic experiment. The imagery in this song, coupled with the crushing riffs and pummeling
percussion, is enough to catapult anyone into an introspective coma. The track starts out at a moderate
pace for a grindcore band that plays at this caliber, but, I assure you, it does not disappoint. Cephalic
Carnage is famous for changes in tempo and their influences are in older acts such as Rush, yet they
bring an unmatched ferocity to the table. They have the ability to become groovy, and just when it is
thought that they can be classified, the song completely changes and breaks into an avant- garde portal
of sound and inter-dimensional entities.

Song two “Warbots A.M.,” is about an elite league of artificially intelligent robots that destroy the
world in order to make it a more convenient place. Prototype D666303 is the name of the most
destructive robot of this sort. These lyrics will explain to you in more detail what I am talking about.

“More advanced then a droid could ever be
With infra red scanner eyes, heat seeking disablers
Titanium bones and flesh
Galvinous skin, hate for blood
Virtually indestructible
Humanlike, designed to kill the cordyceps”

It is this ruthless creature that has been unleashed on mankind, a species who “somewhat cared. . .,”
according to this track. It seems that there is no hope for the humans; this is not because of D666303
and the impenetrable army of advanced killing machines that are replicating at an unstoppable pace; It
is due to the Cephalic Carnage world tour. Their self- proclaimed style of Rocky Mountain Hydro
Grind has picked up so much momentum, that it surpassed the speed of light. There is no longer any
room for time, space, existence, or human life.

Throughout this entire album, Cephalic expands on the intensity they are known for. The track,
“Dimensional Modulation Transmography,” engraves this upon their lyrical abode.

“A singeing cloud of milky omnipotence
The smell of souls
Unveiling phosphorescent architecture
The disintegration of earthly perception
A regrettable selection of symphonic dissonance”

I am going to be honest, and say that I have no idea what this song means. It is just amazing in itself, and the title sounds like some kind of new age therapy, placed squarely in a time machine, and brought
back to the age of Atlantis.

It is very difficult to analyze the craft of Cephalic Carnage and create a suitable conversion through an
explanation with words. We are dealing with a force that is unquantifiable and intangible. It is a force
that transcends dimensions, and the space-time continuum. It is a struggle to describe something so
sonically sharp, that infuses grindcore, classic rock, jazz, and other worldly phenomena all into a
blender. They then turn the blender on—and then off. What you eventually end up with, Misled by
Certainty, is an album that defies belief, and can only be properly reviewed in one’s own skull, with
thoughts that do not translate into any sort of human dialect.

Whether it is songs about being “Raped by an Orb,” or if it is songs about P.G.A.D, Cephalic Carnage
is fun for the whole family—well, not exactly. On the Summer Slaughter tour, Cephalic started out
P.G.A.D. or “Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder,’ by saying something along the lines of, “This is a
track off of the new record. It is about brutal masturbation.” There is not much more to say about the
track, other than that it takes the full thirty- four seconds to reach the climax.

Yes. This album is amazing in every way. Lyrically, sonically, and inter-dimensionally. This piece is
intended to review the album, but it cannot bring you the full scope of this sound, unless you listen to the album on your own.

Take “Repangea;” It starts out with melodic saxophone and then converts into a heavy sounding, yet,
uplifting song. It is hard for me to say this about a grindcore band, but the song is soothing. Cephalic
has so many influences, and they incorporate them into their music so precisely. This song ends with a
slow piano part, and another little heavy part for the outro. This is not the status quo for a grindcore
band, yet this only adds to what Cephalic has to offer. They have the ability to shift genres in a manner
that no other act can do so successfully.

They end the album with another short song. “Aeyeuch,” is just one example of the types of parodies
that the band enjoys engaging in. Cephalic has a history of mocking black metal, and this track is a
milestone in this field. The lyrics are short and sweet, so get your demonic screeches ready! Here’s the
lyrics for the entire song.

Nocturnal Warlocks from Thelema Abbey Glugging Saki With Beheaded Cistercian Monks While Seducing Satan’s Abbess’s In The Rice Fields of
Abbazia di Santa Maria Di Lucedio At Midnight

Cephalic is a force within grindcore that cannot be reckoned with. They have an uncanny ability to use
other genres of music in an alchemical manner, in order to change them to grindcore. The immaculate
volatility, and jazz-like precision of Misled By Certainty assure Cephalic Carnage their rank at the top
of today’s grindcore pyramid.

Story by Jake Halverson

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