Two and a Half Weeks Until the Comedy of the Year!

With two weeks left in its rehearsal process, She Stoops to Conquer makes its way to the Mainstage!

The rehearsals get more intense and playful as She Stoops to Conquer approaches its opening night! As the set nears its completion, the actors are finding it a transforming experience to play in a world entirely different than that of today’s societal reality. “I find hidden treasure within my character after every rehearsal because of the transformation I can make into this world on stage! It such an invigorating opportunity and pleasure to escape this world, and jump right into the comedy of manners pertaining to Goldsmith’s world” says actress Alecia Annachino as she prepares for her role as Kate.

She Stoops is set in seventeenth century England and takes place during one mischievous night. As the tag-line reads, She Stoops to Conquer: The Mistakes of the Night! We see uproar and mayhem conspire within the household of Mr. and Mrs. Hardcastle, who lead a band of cooky, manner-stricken characters in the confusion of the night. Along for the ride are the bombastic, dim-witted maids and servants who see the mistakes of the night occur, but do nothing but add the mischief at hand!

As laughs can be heard from outside the rehearsal hall, the mere enjoyment of being engulfed by the these characters on stage is only two weeks away! Much anticipation for this play is raining from the skies, and the excitement is radiating from the actors’ perseverance to captivate the audience! Don’t miss the chance to see UWP Theater’s first, kick-off performance of She Stoops to Conquer October 15th, at 7:00 pm in the Communication Arts Mainstage Theatre. Most importantly, don’t miss the opportunity to laugh, cry, and jump out of your seat, as these characters will be looking for all the help they can get upon this night of mayhem!

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