Lost and Found: The Green Initiative Fund

The Green Initiative Fund is a government-established fund that was granted to The University of Wisconsin-Parkside. It was established three years ago set and aside around $1,000 to make the school more environmentally friendly and help the students, here, in some way.

There was an attempt to use this fund in the past for a wind farm, but the deal fell through, and the money has just been sitting quietly unnoticed ever since. This fund has the potential to make a difference at Parkside and S.K., the unofficial director of the committee to use these funds, wants some steps to be made in the right direction.

When speaking with S.K., he told me that “I’m looking for six qualified individuals to form a committee who are involved in the student government, in an environmental studies group, or are just interested in the environment and making the campus ‘more green.’ This committee is going to look for the three best uses for the money for this year.”

Not so hard right? Well there is a catch. “There is a mild bit of urgency to the use of the fund in consideration that the fund does expire this year; if the $1000 is not used or determined to be used later on, it will expire and we will not get to use it at all,” so, we need to get moving, and fast. It could be used for various implements, such as wind turbines, solar panels, outfitting the buildings with more “green” windows or even a better recycling system.

S.K. is hoping that the six individuals who form this committee will have a plethora of innovative ideas for the use of this money. Whatever use(s) are, however, need to be voted on by the senate and that fact just underlines the sense of a need for urgent action because that will take up time as well.

So, if you are interested in making improvements for you, your fellow students and staff, and the Parkside campus here is how you can help. You need to contact S.K. through his email, sheak001@rangers.uwp.edu.

So, to all of those who are interested, please act soon, so everyone, here at Parkside, doesn’t miss out on this great opportunity to better the school before it is too late!

Story by Chase Kilpatrick

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